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College is no high-school, can we agree on that? As a college student, you’ve taken a serious step forward in your education, and high-school seems miles away. This is due to the complexity of the tasks you’re dealing with, and all the new, never before seen assignments you’ve got to complete. Still, college is not a mission impossible. Challenging is more of a word we’re thinking of.

Writing assignments are one of the things college students sometimes struggle with. They come in all forms and are required for a vast majority of subjects. Students constantly deal with essays, critical thinking, literature analysis, assessments and many other types of writing assignments. But, what happens if you struggle meeting the standards? Or you hit a wall and don’t know where to go?

We’ll try finding a solution for some of the most prominent writing challenges college students face.

1.      Lack of Research Skills

For students who haven’t had much chance to write prior to coming to college, the lack of research skills can be one of the hardest obstacles. It’s hard enough to learn a lesson from a book, but now you have to find the information yourself?

The key to doing good research is knowing what are trustful, authoritative sources. You can’t use just any information in your college paper.

The first thing you can do is visit the

  • college library

It requires some time, browsing for topic-related books, skimming through publications and looking for information. The good thing is that almost everything in a library is a trustful source. The bad thing is it takes a lot of time to find what you’re looking for.

Of course, there’s the internet. It’s much faster, but you have to differentiate between trustful and non-trustful sources.

You need to look for:

  • scholarly articles (use Google Scholar)
  • thesis and dissertations (published by certified universities)
  • authoritative websites articles
  • books in PDF
  • digital libraries


source: Pixabay

So, research is all about knowing where to find information and who to trust. Make smart choices and always double check. With quality resources, you have nothing to worry about.


2.      Unable To Meet The Deadline

Not being able to finish a writing assignment on time is a problem students often encounter. They struggle with having so much to write on top of all their other obligations.

Still, writing assignments are usually not assigned on short notice. That means you need to organize your time better. Here’s what you can do:

  • start researching as soon as you get the assignment
  • don’t pressure yourself, but don’t stall either
  • plan all the stages of writing
  • make a writing schedule and stick to it

In essence, you need to set writing goals and try to stick to them. Planning the writing process will make it easier.

You’ll be able to write slowly but surely, without the pressure of possible failure. Organize your time and you’ll make it for sure.

3.      Accuracy

When writing a college assignment, you can’t make room for any mistakes. Still, many students struggle with keeping their assignments error-free and turning in impeccable essays.

The truth is: you need to practice. If accurate writing is an issue for you, that’s the way to overcome it. Here’s how you can handle the situation:

  • write as much as you can, apart from doing your regular assignments
  • ask a friend or a family member to proofread your assignments and point out the mistakes
  • use online writing tools such as Grammarly to help you locate your mistakes and correct them
  • use online writing services such as Trust My Paper to have professionals proofread or edit your writing assignment if necessary

In time, you’ll get better, and won’t be needing anyone’s help to keep your assignments neat and accurate.

4.      No Inspiration

You’re not always going to be in the mood for writing. Sometimes you’ll just feel completely unenthusiastic and unable to find the right words.

Were you an aspiring novelist, we might suggest waiting for the inspiration to come. However, since you are a college student who can’t rely on faith, you need to take matters into your own hands.

You need a quick fixer- something to get your brain working again. You can try some of these things:

  • go for a run
  • do any kind of exercise
  • rest your brain watching TV or listening to music
  • take a nap
  • meditate

source: Pixabay

Find the right kind of way to reset your system. Invest an hour or two in taking a quality break instead of forcing yourself to write when you absolutely don’t want to. Give yourself a chance to rest before going back to work.

5.      Vocabulary

If you find yourself constantly repeating the same, every-day words in your writing, you might want to look for a solution.

Vocabulary issues are regularly giving the students a hard time. Here’s what might help:

  • online tools such as Thesaurus
  • reading books to adopt new words
  • using dictionaries
  • learning idioms

Broadening your vocabulary is not only useful for writing assignments. It’s something that will enrich you as a person and you’ll have for the rest of your life.


Writing challenges are inevitable for college students. Sometimes you’ll feel completely lost while other times you might do better. Still, the bottom line is that you have to invest some effort in order to overcome the struggles of doing good in writing assignments.

Don’t let a couple of minor failures bring you down. Use the advice we’ve given you and start working on upgrading your writing skills. In time, you’ll gain more experience. And more experience means accurate, well-researched and well-written assignments. You’ll get there, just keep working hard.


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