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Screenshot from an undercover video of a JBS farm showing a pig in a gestation cage.
Screenshot of John Oliver's facial expressions transferred onto Stephen Colbert in a deepfake video
Photo of a robot arm.
photo of a pregnant woman holding her belly, researchers found air pollution particles in placenta.
Photo of a warehouse aisle with boxes.
Photo of a mummified wolf pup remains now on display in the Yukon city of Dawson.
image of a world map made up of pills
close up photo of a cow licking its lips on a sunny day
Photo of women protesting Texas SB 5 which would impose strict abortion regulations.
Photo of Riverside General Hospital.
Photo of eye with bionic iris.
Image of blacklegged tick as a larva, nymph and adult male.
Photo of a woman sitting at a desk with a virtual reality headset on
screenshot of Nick Lyon at court hearing over Flint Water Crisis
image of Facebook log in page
Blue Drop 4644410137
Image of a young boy playing outside
Image of raw meat cubed
Image of colorful chemistry formula
Image of US flag and California flag against blue sky
social media 1795578 1280
YouTube screenshot of new facial recognition device/small camera at San Jose airport
image of Bayer logo and sign on top of a building
picture of a dead chicken on the ground
picture of cereal bowl and milk
Image of a mouse covering its eyes.
Roundup Monsanto
Facebook logo.
animal 1554745 1280
picture of bottles of Johnson and Johnson baby powder
Genetically Modified Children
Texas tortilla chips spontaneously combusting
children's chemical exposure
TCE in drinking water
cannabis 313051 1280
SAG Ebola
Singapore to use drones to deliver meds and security reasons
Transition by Terrafugia
opioid crisis bigger than thought
Big Pharma Medicaid Frau
Indiana pediatric cancer cluster
Hawaii bans chlorpyrifos
Trump nominates pesticide exec for USDA chief scientist
Walmart Audio Surveillance Technology Patent
Ben and Jerry's lawsuit
Dawn Sturgess