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Jerrie Cobb, a well known female pilot in the 1950s, testing Gimbal Rig in the Altitude Wind Tunnel, AWT in April 1960. The Gimbal Rig, formally called MASTIF or Multiple Axis Space Test Inertia Facility, was used to train astronauts to control the spin of a tumbling spacecraft. Jerrie Cobb was the first female to pass all three phases of the Mercury Astronaut Program but NASA rules stipulated that only military test pilots could become astronauts and there were no female military test pilots. Jerrie completed this astounding feat in 1961. The MASTIF was installed at the Altitude Wind Tunnel at the Lewis Research Center, now John H. Glenn Research Center. (Photo: NASA)
Photos via Wikimedia Commons
World Bank Protester, Jakarta Indonesia in 2004.
Aerial photograph of Area IV (4) of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, in the Simi Hills, Ventura County, Southern California in 2007.
A bust of the 7th President of the United States at the National Portrait Gallery.
Photo of a vial of cocaine. Was Gary Webb right, did the CIA facilitate cocaine trafficking into the US in the 1980s?
Photo of a plaque in a Philadelphia park reciting the First Amendment rights to a free press, freedom of religion and free speech.
Photo of Martin Luther King at a Civil Rights March in 1963
Illustration of revolutionary meeting.
Clinton Trump Delaware Tax Haven
colonial newspapers
Occupy Wall Street Movement FBI Monitoring
Fake News in 1990, Nayirah Kuwait testimony
Thomas Jefferson Lab
CIA Operation Mockingbird
CIA Heart Attack Gun
Joseph Kennedy family fortune
John McCain sings Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran Song