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Jeff Sessions
Earl Blumenauer
marijuana buds placed on the Canadian Flag
Horace Roberts
photo of medical marijuana
photo of a marijuana plant. A new study is being conducted to study the effects of a marijuana suppository on menstrual cramps.
Canadian flag
screenshot of Kansas City Cop Roger Golubski who is accused of extorting poor black women for sexual favors.
photo of the lady justice statue. Washington state overturned the death penalty
male yoga class. researchers are studying how yoga could help prison inmates
A new poll shows over 60 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization.
March For Our Lives student protest for gun control in St. Paul, Minnesota March 7, 2018.
screenshot of Justin Schneider in court awaiting sentencing for plea deal
Ronald Watts
US Marshalls Wanted Poster for Cody Wilson who allegedly had sex with a juvenile female and is now on the run.
Photo of NYPD cop cars lined up in a row.
Photo of Dallas police officer Amber Guyger and victim Botham Jean
close up of marijuana plant
photo of a homeless man slumped over on the street
Screenshot of Kelly Coltrain in handcuffs in the back of a police car
close up photo of green marijuana plant
Image of barbed wire along a prison fence
Split screen photo of Officer Roy Oliver and shooting victim Jordan Edwards
Photo of various fentanyl packets
Photo of a smiling Daniel Fuller
graphic of silver sheriff star
close up photo of green marijuana plant
Blue light surrounds the silhouette of a police officer.
Image of a chain link fence
image of handcuffs unlocked
Image of a wheat field in North Dakota with blue sky
Graphic of cop silhouette with raised baton targeting someone on the ground
Image of a scale with coins weighing on one side, and a clock on the other.
photo of wildfires buring near Yosemite in 2013
picture of the Barnett brothers
Street view of city hall.
image of an ICE agent
picture of police line do not cross banner
Logo Southwest Keys Programs, orange sun
3D printed guns
Ronald Watts