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Fighting the Stigma of Being a Female Coder

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Yes, I’m a woman. My sexual orientation shouldn’t matter. Nor, what I wear, how I do my hair, or the way I speak – doesn’t tell you anything sexual about me. Except for what you fantasize I’d be like. When I’m at work or discussing professional projects, I am a peer.

Nothing more until I tell you so – directly to your face, in clear English.

When you look, you see color. A fact beyond my control. I can’t believe people still notice. As if it really tells you anything about what I believe or know. How does my skin color cause me to become less than human? An animal who is applauded for taking the time to speak clearly. What do you expect? My family marched so you could teach me to hate myself for who I am. #segregation 

I was taught to see the people I work with for their skillset first. What are they good at? How can they affect my success? However, people like 45 would have you believe … you know a person’s worth based on their DNA profile better known as their outer shell. The spirit animates the body, not the other way around.

The Truth

If you are lucky, I will get to know you as a person. I’m just curious. Why is it a requirement? Is it because you don’t have a life and are too lazy to make one for yourself? Doesn’t give you the right to invite yourself into mine by using my ability to provide as leverage. What kind of person judges someone against a standard they don’t hold for the team that currently works for them?

Someone I don’t want to work for. 

I used to think it had to do with my outer characteristics. However, faith, patience and perseverance have led me to a space of misfits like me. People willing to teach someone who is so happy to learn how to become a strong part of their team. I have found a place to belong – a place that welcomes me with a signing bonus, relocation package and open arms.

So, if you think the #powerofbroke doesn’t make a difference, if you think the little things don’t add up to something beyond fantastic, remember the story of a person who – thanks to not having a proper README file – found Launch School and a position where they appreciate and reward such attention to detail.

The Rant about code received from a man who says he supports female coders:


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