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Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rates With These 6 Design Tips

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Thinking about improving your conversion rates? First of all, what is a conversion rate? The conversion rate is the rate at which users who visit your website achieve your desired goal. To achieve a high conversion rate, here are some factors involved. Recently factors such as search engine optimization and social media have gotten more relevance, overshadowing the effect the design of the website has on its conversion rate. Web design has other purposes other than aesthetics, including creating a feeling of credibility and usability of the website. Statistics show that users will leave your website if they feel your web design is not up to par.

      In this article, we look at six design tips you can use to improve your conversion rate.


  • Mobile responsiveness; It’s 2018, people do not just use a desktop to get access to the internet. Other mediums such as tablets and mobiles are also used. Your website should be responsive to all these mediums as more people access the internet mostly through their phones. To be able to get all the traffic that is accessed on mobile and to improve the conversion rate of your website, your website should cater to being responsive on mobile. It is to maximize conversion rates that this website design company creates the design of a website to be responsive on all platforms or mediums.




  • Quick navigation; The navigation on your website should be short and simple, a lot of pages should not be involved. This is done especially to cater to mobile users, to make it mobile friendly. Avoid navigation design that requires scrolling, avoid dropdown menus on mobile, if there is a need for one, it should not be more than one sublevel.




  • Interactive content; Consumers should be able to contact and interact with you without difficulty. Interactive content such as the creation of quizzes, polls and surveys and live chat boxes should be included in the design of the website. This helps increase conversion rate by helping users to directly access the need or information they want. These contents should be easily accessible on your website.


  • Call to action; Call to action content should be readily available on your website. It should be available on the home page so users do not have to navigate for a longer period as it is more likely they will get disinterested and they will bounce off the page. Doing this increases your conversion rate because users will be more involved with activities on the website that increase the conversion of your website. An example of this, is hotjar, on the homepage, you can easily find two calls to action.




  • Simplicity does the trick; Gone are the days when your website has to be overly complex for it to be effective. These days, simple design for a website is favorable to complex design. You can still make use of 3D graphics or animation, but it should be done in a way that it does not create a perplexing look for the website. Having a simple design for a website has been shown to be positive for conversion rates, the reason for this can be found at quicksprout.com



  • Make use of videos and images; The advantages of using videos and images on conversion rate is immense. It’s proven that website with more videos and images have better conversion rates due to the fact that they are more engaging for users, create a feeling of trust and a majority of people would rather watch than read a piece of information.


For the success of your business, your website conversion rate has to be more than average. A lot of factors are involved in conversion rates, equal emphasis should be placed on all the factors for complete optimization of conversion rates.  Following the above tips about design tips will definitely increase the conversion rate of your website.


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