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At school, I’ve seen a lot of stupid things, and most of them are trivial like arguments dripping with logical fallacies or kids punching each other for fun (among friends), but nothing has made my rage meter go up more than the adults at school. There were always the amazing teachers, like my 7th grade Math teacher or my 8th grade English and History teacher, but there were also those select few that I couldn’t stand. Mostly they weren’t actually teachers, but office staff or helpers that always got mad about the smallest things or jokes.

A good example of this manifests itself in the school rules. Most of them make sense: no bullying, no explosives, no sexual harassment, you get the idea. But one rule has never confused me more than the “no flipping coins” rule. On school campus, you were not allowed to flip coins for fear of students betting on the outcome. If a teacher saw you flipping a coin they would take it away and ask you to come get it at the end of the day. There is so much wrong with this. First of all, if kids really wanted to bet on coins they’d just bring a ton of pennies, and second, if this is to prevent betting, then why are dice allowed? You can bet easier and more profitably on dice than coins anyway because of the possibility of roulette and such.

Another instance where I see overprotectiveness is from parents. I have a friend whose parents don’t let him go to someone else’s house for fear of that house being broken into and their son getting hurt. This is so unlikely there needs to be a new word for it. It’s stuff like this that aggravates me the most because once you are in thate mindset, you can’t get out again.

But the one thing that pisses me off above all else are the parents who wipe everything down after and before their kids touch it and constantly tell them, “Remember to use hand sanitizer!” Overuse of antibiotics like bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer has caused superbugs that are immune to all antibiotics, meaning that the more you wipe down the more resistant the bugs will become and the less effective cleaning will be (specifically with bacterial wipes, Kleenex, or antibiotics, not soap. Use soap as much as you want, no harm there). Your reaction might be, “But I want my child to be safe!” That’s ok, and that’s normal. Just wash your hands on a regular basis, and you’ll be better off than if you were using hand sanitizer.

This is a topic that I have tried to get off of my chest for a while but never could because people wouldn’t listen. Hopefully, someone will take this to heart and consider the risk versus reward before doing things like over-sanitizing children or not letting them flip coins. I’ll see you next article.


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