Some writing tips to help you get more views and readers plus basic guidelines to make sure we can publish your article:

  1. TIP: Readers don’t like really long paragraphs, it feels like hard work. So break your writing up into smaller paragraphs.
  2. TIP: Try to catch your audience right away with a headline that evokes intrigue or emotion. Do the same thing with your opening paragraph and sentences. Your intro is your chance to convince your reader the rest of your article is worth reading.
  3. REQUIREMENT: Source any facts, data, quotes or significant claims you make. Cite your sources using a hyperlink instead of footnotes. You do this by highlighting the text you need to source, click the chain link button you see in the dashboard and enter the URL that you are using as a source. If you want to include a video or tweet paste the URL link into your text and we will embed the video/tweet for you  or you may embed it yourself.
  4. TIP: At the beginning or end of your article leave us a note if you want us to SEO optimize your article. SEO optimize means we will change your headline, add some section titles and maybe change the words you use in some places so as to target your article for specific keywords.
  5. If you include photos please on the image file itself or at the end of your article include the URL where you got the image from so we can check its copyright status. Only photos with a “creative commons” (CC) license can be published. You can find creative commons licensed photos on Pixabay, PxHere, Wikimedia Commons, Flickr (but check the license as not all images are CC licensed), and Pexels. You can also do a Google image search and filter results by license type.
  6. We do not publish hate speech, product endorsements, unsubstantiated claims or slander.
  7. REQUIREMENT: 300-word minimum, please. Less than that and people aren’t likely to read your article. If you are sharing a video, please include a 200 to 300-word overview of the video.
  8. Yes, if you already have a blog we welcome you to repost those articles on Citizen Truth. Content on all kinds of subject matter is welcome.
  9. For the most part, we don’t edit much of your article because it is your article, but we will contact you if we have questions about sources, image, etc.
  10. TIP: Share your article out! It can be helpful to time your articles to any upcoming related holidays or events. As an example, an article about women’s issues does well when published on International Women’s Day. Leave us a note if you want your article to be published on a certain date.
  11. Your article will publish in our Peer News section. We look forward to growing the Peer News section as more contributors join. The ways we can share our news and stories are endless!