Syrian White Helmets, An In Depth Look

Who Are The White Helmets?

The Syrian White Helmets are officially known as the Syrian Civil Defense. According to their website, “When the bombs rain down, the Syrian Civil Defense rushes in. In a place where public services no longer function these unarmed volunteers risk their lives to help anyone in need – regardless of their religion or politics. Known as the Syrian White Helmets these volunteer rescue workers operate in the most dangerous place on earth.” The White Helmets operate primarily in rebel held territories.

The White Helmets were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016, but they did not win.

A documentary about the White Helmets won the Oscar for best documentary in 2017.

However, a large amount of evidence has amassed suggesting they have ties to ISIS. We provide some of it here, so you can make up your own mind.

Who Founded Them?

James Le Mesurier is publicly credited with founding the White Helmetsback in March 2013, as his own website claims. Le Mesurier is a former British Armed Forces Officer who has worked for the United Nations, European Union, the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the private sector.

Who Funds Them?

According to the WH website, “Syria Civil Defence receives funding (through Mayday Rescue and Chemonics) from the governments of the UK, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the USA.”

Donations we know of include:

$23 million from the U.S. via USAID as of March 2016.

DKK 60 million from Denmark.

£32 million as of November 2016 from the U.K.

They have raised over $12 million US dollars from their own ‘Hero Fund’ on their website.

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