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moon, China is launching an artifical moon
Russian President Vladimir Putin with President of China Xi Jinping at the signing documents ceremony following Russian-Chinese talks in 2015.
Man holding his head from a sonic weapon or sonic attack
photo of a healthy living jaguar. Jaguars are being hunted and sold into an illegal wildlife trade encompassing Suriname and China.
A paper ballot from the 2018 Finland presidential election. Election meddling is a widespread tactic.
photo of a 100 Yuan note
Photo of the front page of the financial section of a newspaper
Map of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Night Skyline with bright lights in Shanghai, China
photo of Uighur women sitting on dusty road in old city Kashgar, 2009
Image of the outline of Turkey's county with Turkish coin
Hun Sen re-elected along with CPP in Cambodia
Africa Union Children Pan-Africa
Chinese Tiangong Space Station
China Dominican Republic Taiwan
U.N. Peacekeeping UN Peacekeepers
Tillerson on development in Africa
Lissa Lucas West Virginia
maldives crisis
US aircraft carrier in Vietnam
Created in China
elephant poaching