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Assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs John Bolton.
U.S. President Trump (Ph, Russian President Vladamir Putin (Photo: Kremlin.ru), Chinese President Xi Jinping (Photo: Kremlin.ru), President of Iran Hassan Rouhani (Photo: Kremlin.ru)
President of Iran Hassan Rouhani.
Exploitation analyst airmen assigned to the 41st Intelligence Squadron have begun using advanced mobile desktop training that uses an environment to challenge each individual analyst in cyberspace maneuvers to achieve mission objectives at Fort Meade, Md. Air Force Illustration by Staff Sgt. Alexandre Montes
Larry Bassett in The Pacifist (Photo by The Pacifist)
Protesting Drones at Obama's Inauguration on January 21, 2013. (Photo via Debra Sweet)
William Arkin
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Photo of Yemen troops preparing to take on Houthi rebels in the Yemen War.
Army Secretary Dr. Francis J. Harvey unveiled the effort to tell the Army about the "Army Strong" campaign, a key component of the Army’s recruiting efforts, during an opening ceremony for the 2006 Association of the U.S. Army Annual Meeting Oct. 9 in Washington, D.C
photo of soldiers lining up to board a military aircraft. US Presidents change, but the military-industrial complex never does.
Mickey mouse
Photo of RoboCop from the original movie
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Photo of John McCain speaking at a conference in 2016
Iran flag
Anti Muslim Bias in the US
Pentagon developing mind-controlled military tech
First trans atlantic reaper drone
619px South Sudan in its region undisputed.svg
conflict-induced famine
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Iran Nuclear Deal
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Poor Peoples Campaign
CIA Heart Attack Gun
war tax resistance
John McCain sings Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran Song
Operation Pacific Eagle
US aircraft carrier in Vietnam
US Covert Mission in Africa
Local Bias with Marian Kelner
red alert
Yemen war
Jerusalem protests
world hunger
US Niger
military waste
Resistance activism
war tax resistance
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Trump Resistance
tax resistance
Airstrikes in Syria 141002 F UL677 365
US Warplane