Founded in 2017, by Lauren von Bernuth and Orane Sharpe. Now owned by Peter Castagno.

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Owner Peter Castagno on the left

Citizen Truth is an independent and alternative media organization dedicated to finding the truth, ending the left-right paradigm and widening the scope of viewpoints represented in media and our daily conversations.

We are independent, meaning our funds come from Google Adsense, the pockets of our co-founders, any donations from supporters and the hard work of volunteers!

We are alternative because we seek out viewpoints that are not represented in traditional media.

Some say we are radical because we believe it’s important to consider opposing viewpoints, and thus we strive to publish articles that represent the entire political spectrum.

We also believe in the power of regular people sharing their news, thoughts and experiences with each other and so we encourage you to submit your news. Our hope is to build a platform that gives people a place to have their voice heard and to talk to people about today’s issues.

Read more here about the individuals behind Citizen Truth.

If you would like to get in touch with us you can contact us at [email protected].