Middle East Affairs:

Provide aid not bombs.
  • CNN Cover Up: Did They Collaborate With An Al Qaeda Member?

     CNN Hired Alleged Al-Qaeda Propagandist For Documentary, Is This Another CNN Cover Up?   In June 2017, an American media activist living in rebel-held Syrian territory named Bilal Abdul Kareem expressed frustration with a former employer. This former employer was CNN. In the previous year (2016), CNN had contracted Kareem to film a documentary on […]

  • US Airstrikes in Raqqa Causing ‘Staggering’ Loss of Civilian Life

    (AntiWar.com, Jason Ditz) An independent commission of UN war crimes investigators have denounced a “staggering loss of civilian life” that has resulted from the escalation of US airstrikes against the ISIS-held city of Raqqa since the beginning of the Kurdish invasion of the city last week. The Kurdish YPG has been advancing on Raqqa for […]

  • US Arms Makers’ Stocks at Record Highs on Saudi Deal

    Re-posted with permission from AntiWar.com, by Jason Ditz. The weekend finalization of a US arms deal with Saudi Arabia which officials say will be worth at least $350 billion over the next decade sent the stocks of politically well-connected US arms makers soaring to all-time highs, underscoring just how much money there is to be […]

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