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Luis Arce Plurinational State Day. 22 January 2022 Vice Presidency of the State Palacio Quemado La Paz 51837691645
Stack of pipes North Stream 2
Googleplex HQ cropped
Wallstreet A New Era
Vivek Murthy nomination hearing February 4 2014
Biden 0166
Indian Farmers Protest 50717657732 cropped
Comision de Desarrollo Economico recibe al Ministro Coordinador de Conocimiento y Talento Humano Andres Arauz 30288716370
Myanmar coup 2021 protest in Bangkok Thailand 02
NYC Rally and March to raise the minimum wage in America.
jfkwestberlin 1
SamAmericanEmpire image 0 0
Citadel Center Chicago Loop Chicago Illinois 11004378483
Occupy Bank of America March 15, 2012, Occupy Wall Street targets BofA with a rally and march. Activists "moved in" to a branch by setting up a sidewalk living room on the theory that 'the bank took our homes so we're moving in with them.' A half dozen people were arrested.
Veterans for Peace at an anti war protest 5541794748 e1611693718567
President Donald J. Trump and Republic of South Korea President Moon Jae-in bid farewell to Chairman of the Workers’ Party Kim Jong Un Korea Sunday, June 30, 2019, at the demarcation line separating North and South Korea at the Korean Demilitarized Zone. (Photo: Shealah Craighead)
capitalism Theater District New York NY USA panoramio 10
Biden Sanders
Tear Gas outside United States Capitol 20210106
President Trump Holds a News Conference on the Coronavirus 49659517252
capitalism Theater District New York NY USA panoramio 10
NewJoe Biden 49385189948
Xi Jinping BRICS summit 2015 01
Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building scaled e1603307806912
Donald Trump nominates Jerome Powell on November 2 2017 24291164288
Trump Bolsonaro 49646442997
diana johnstone e1598297348742
Carter DengXiaoping
jstone pinnochio
Wall Street2 5899300483
5th Avenue in Brooklyn
neo maxresdefault
Homeless Teen
capitalism Theater District New York NY USA panoramio 10
Elon Musk at a Press Conference
1280px Sodas e1595876955110
Capitalism causes spiritual damages 15927142992
My Post 43
Virginia one hundred years ago
George Floyd Protests Miami June 12 50000820477
TrumpJohnson G7Biarritz 48632769162
1280px WTO protests in Seattle November 30 1999
0706 0601soldiers.original
overpopulation613445810 95f712caa1 o
Angela Merkelll2020 01 11