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Matteo Salvini
Joint photo session of the heads of delegations from the G20, invited guest countries and international organisations.
S-400 Triumph launch vehicle
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Zambian President Edgar Lungu meet on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg in 2018. EPA-EFE/Alexei NikolskySputnik/Kremlin Pool
YouTube screenshot of Rocektman trailer
U.S. President Trump (Ph, Russian President Vladamir Putin (Photo: Kremlin.ru), Chinese President Xi Jinping (Photo: Kremlin.ru), President of Iran Hassan Rouhani (Photo: Kremlin.ru)
Vladamir Putin with Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un.
Kim Jong-Un and Vladamir Putin are meeting after North Korea's disappointment with the US grows. (Photos via Pixabay)
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C, United States [Public domain]
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet in Helsinki. July 16, 2018.
Military parade on Red Square 2016-05-09
side by side shot of Vladamir Putin and Kim Jong-Un
photo of Donald Trump, Nicolas Maduro and Vladamir Putin
An unarmed AGM-86B air-launched cruise missile maneuvers over the Utah Test and Training Range enroute to its final target Sept. 22, 2014, during a Nuclear Weapons System Evaluation Program simulated combat mission.
soldier wearing a gas mask in preparation for a chemical weapons drill
Step into your place, propaganda poster, 1915
Tupolev Tu-160, Russia
US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladamir Putin meet in July of 2018.
Vladamir Putin
anti nuke poster
Russian President Vladimir Putin with President of China Xi Jinping at the signing documents ceremony following Russian-Chinese talks in 2015.
Man holding his head from a sonic weapon or sonic attack
A paper ballot from the 2018 Finland presidential election. Election meddling is a widespread tactic.
photo of Angela Merkel
screenshot of a sewing needle in a strawberry in Australia
Photo of RoboCop from the original movie
Photo of an oil rig in the desert at sunset.
Lindsey Graham in a Department of Defense Meeting.
Russia GRU Logo
Trump Putin Helsinki
OPCW Report
Dawn Sturgess
Trump Putin Helsinki Summit
Twitter Unfollow
Ukraine Nato
political corruption
Israel Iran
Syria Assad
Syria Flag
sergei skripal poisoning