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Do Drug Interventions Work?

An intervention is a very emotional and stressful experience to go through if you are trying to get someone to go get help, are they the best method though?

February 17, 2020

Some Uncommon Ways To Fight The Opiate Epidemic In 2020

The opiate epidemic is as strong as ever, there are some not so common ways being used to fight the epidemic, lets look at some of them.

February 11, 2020

Oklahoma Suing Three Major Drug Companies

Drug companies are finally having to face the music about their business practices. Is it enough though? Will anything really change? Or will states just get paid off so they can shut up now and things will continue the same?

January 17, 2020

The Deception Of Sugar

So there it was, good ole sugar, if added to these low-fat foods it made them taste much better and even better manufacturers could print that their food was low fat because it was! That's all people looked for as well was the amount of fat in the food. So I don't need to explain how we got to this sugar epidemic of sorts.

October 04, 2019



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