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Where is the Fire Department?

Greta Thunberg has inspired a new world-wide generation of young climate activists. As an effective communicator on climate change, the young Swedish schoolgirl is currently in a league of her own. “In a way,” Naomi Klein writes, “she is asking those of us whose mental wiring is more typical – less prone to extraordinary focus and more capable of living with moral contradictions – to be more like her.” Most of us do have the capacity to rationalize, to compartmentalize, and to be distracted easily. “All three of these mental tricks,” writes Klein, “help us get through the day.” But then she adds that these traits are also “proving to be our collective undoing” when it comes to rising to the reality of our climate crisis.

October 19, 2019

The Climate Crisis is a Hoax

We’ve run out of time. We cannot waste any more precious time listening to anyone who insists that the climate crisis is a hoax. The younger generation is not listening to the denial B.S. The remarkable Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, speaks a basic truth: “Once you have done your homework, you realize we need new politics."

October 07, 2019

So I Didn't Stand Up, And I Didn't Ask Why

Who will we stand up for? And who will stand up for us?

September 27, 2019



John lives in Shelburne Falls, MA and is a peer news author for Citizen Truth. He is a columnist for the West County Shelburne Falls Independent, a monthly op ed contributor for the Greenfield Recorder and a contributing writer for Green Energy Times in New England. His op eds have been published in the Springfield Republican, the Montague Reporter, the Worcester Telegram and the Daily Hampshire Gazette. He invites comments and dialogue at [email protected]

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