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Conspiracy Theorists (CT), This One Is For You: Though Nearly All of Your Conspiracy Theories are Just Foolish Half-Baked Ideas

As an associate professor of mathematics in the nation's capital at the University of the District of Columbia, and the director of faculty development for our college, I certainly don't fall under the category of conspiracy theorist (CT). However, I do give CT their day with this article-sort of. While, it laments the ridiculous claims I regularly see (keeping in mind that I am also a very active rapper, and these claims run wild through Hip Hop), and have recently written about as part of a comprehensive team of mathematicians, scientists, and health experts on a 100 page COVID-19 guidebook, it also does lend validity to the idea that through 5G big brother will be watching. "I am not a conspiracy theorist. However, I am aware some conspiracies factually do occur. With that said, I believe the 5G conspiracy theorists (CT) are right. But the CT are right about the wrong thing. 5G has zero connection to the spread of COVID-19. Did I really need to write that? OK, this is except for the fact that the “sheep” (who think everyone else out there are sheep) bashing 5G towers probably need to have now, more than ever, the best communication systems they can possibly have available to them (so they can flock with other sheep of course). Still, 5G technology is only going to add to the rate of which the pandemic of misinformation will be spread around the globe."

April 16, 2020



Professor Lyrical is a lifelong rapper, and is also an Associate Professor who teaches Mathematics. He is employed by the University of the District of Columbia, a public land-grant HBCU in the nation's capital. He has taught at 12 different college and universities, most of which have been in his home state of Massachusetts, including for seven years at Northeastern University where he also earned his doctorate. Professor Lyrical, aka Dr. Peter Michael Plourde, also earned both his BSBA (Marketing/Economics) and MS (Mathematics) at UMass-Lowell in his native city of Lowell, Massachusetts.

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