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Peer News is where we want to hear from you!

Anyone can submit an article to be published under our Peer News section, you just need to create a profile and submit an article.

We created Peer News in the hopes of building a platform that gives people a place to have their voice heard and to talk to people about today’s issues.

That being said, in order to ensure a great experience for all writers and readers, we have some basic guidelines all articles must meet in order to be published. We also have some tips to share to help make your article the best it can be.

About Peer News From CT’s Founders


  • 300-word minimum: all articles must be at least 300 words
  • Newsworthy: all articles must meet be considered newsworthy. So product reviews, promotional posts, a list of your favorite foods and so on don’t make the cut. Topics like current events, legislation, opinion or analysis pieces on current events or even an article about a trip you took where you had an inciteful cultural experience all work. You can always email us ([email protected]) ahead of time to run an article idea by us.
  • Support your facts and arguments with hyperlinks to your sources. If you’re having trouble inserting a hyperlink put the URL in parenthesis next to the information you want to source and we will insert the hyperlink
  • No hate speech, slander or the like
  • We have to check the licensing on all photos, so if you took a photo or you have a link to where you got the photo from please include that
  • No articles from essay writing websites.


  • Short paragraphs: readers don’t like to read long heavy paragraphs. Keep your paragraphs short – one or two sentences is even ok.
  • Photos, graphics, maps, links to videos are all great and help enhance your article
  • Write a strong intro and title. The intro and title are the most important parts. You need a great title to get a reader to click on your article and then you need to “hook” the reader in the intro. Make the first sentence or two really compelling. You can use this headline tool to help with your titles.

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