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A photo of one of the comfortable rooms at Johns Hopkins University used in clinical studies to determine the effects of psilocybin and other hallucinogenic drugs. Two guides are monitoring the experiences of the subject, and provide reassurance when the volunteers experience anxiety.
Orleans Parish Prison, Louisiana. March 2012. (Photo: Bart Everson)
marijuana buds placed on the Canadian Flag
To Live and Die in Manila is a new 17-minute documentary from Boiler Room. Manila-born artists Eyedress, Owfuck, BP Valenzuela, Teenage Granny and Jeona Zoleta share their musical inspiration, their unique methods of production, their thoughts on the city they call home, and their fears of possible death.
Jeff Sessions
A new poll shows over 60 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization.
close up photo of green marijuana plant
graphic of silver sheriff star
Image of a drone flying in the sky