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Roxbury Farm in NYS large enough to feed a lot of people yet not so large that anyone has to work like a machine. Photo credit Elizabeth Henderson
Baby chickens. Image representative of a typical factory farm.
Mama and baby orangutan at Camp Leakey, Tanjung Puting, Indonesia (Rainforest Action Network/Flickr)
Flourishing antibiotic resistance is just one of the many public health crises produced by factory farming. Other problems include foodborne illness, flu epidemics, the fallout from poor air and water quality, and chronic disease. (Photo credit: Farm Watch/Flickr)
Woman shopping at a grocery store.
The prices farmers receive for crops do not cover all the costs of keeping farms viable, not to mention the extra costs of ecological or regenerative farming systems. The farm crisis is not over
Carbon farming on an organic farm
Two children drinking water outdoors. An estimated 110 million Americans are potentially exposed to PFAS through drinking water.