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19 Black Women Ran to Become Judges In Houston and They All Won

The #Houston19 won big on election night only two years after nine black female judges were elected in Alabama.

On election night last Tuesday, nineteen African American women were running to become judges in Houston and every single one won. Known as the #Houston19, the wins signify a success story for people of color across Texas. The women were part of a wave of women entering into political office across the U.S.

Harris County is one of the most diverse in the country and the third largest county in the United States, covering most of Houston, Texas. Considering the size and diversity of Harris County, analysts say the new judges now reflect the diversity of the county and will work for the interests of all the people.

Having black women winning elective posts is not only happening in Houston, it is happening everywhere since the Trump administration came to power. Women of color are getting elected to positions by winning in local and state elections. What happened in Harris County also occurred in Jefferson County, Alabama, where nine black women won judicial seats in 2016.

Organizations like The Gavel Gap argue that when women of color become judges across the U.S., it creates a judicial mixture that is advantageous to the cultural diversity seen in the country.  The American Constitution Society states that less than 20 percent of state judges across the country are people of color.

County judges perform crucial local duties such as selecting juries, approving bail bonds and helping out with election issues. They directly affect the lives of local people and the United States is increasingly diverse, which is why having a diverse judicial system is so crucial to understanding complex legal issues in the United States. Apart from this, having women of color win judicial seats in the United States also sends a positive message that elective posts are within reach for all races and gender.



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