May 2017

Weekly Report 5/26

Global Oddities:  Mother elk kicks bear in the face to rescue her calf Kuwait busts pigeon smuggling drugs in tiny backpack A Dog Interrupted A Russian Newscaster But She’s Clearly A Cat Lady Woman Accused Of Startling Horses In T.Rex Costume Faces Charges In Case You Missed It: Rouhani Wins Re-election in Iran by a […]

US Arms Makers’ Stocks at Record Highs on Saudi Deal

Re-posted with permission from, by Jason Ditz. The weekend finalization of a US arms deal with Saudi Arabia which officials say will be worth at least $350 billion over the next decade sent the stocks of politically well-connected US arms makers soaring to all-time highs, underscoring just how much money there is to be […]

Weekly Report 5/19

Global Oddities: Political Road Rage: Woman Ran Congressman off Road over Health Care Vote. New Jersey governor refuses to ban child marriage because ‘it would conflict with religious customs GOP Congressman Frelinghuysen Targets Activist in Letter to Her Employer Thailand threatens to sue Facebook after videos emerge of king in crop top wandering in German […]

The White Helmets Are Not Impartial and Not Unarmed

If you go to YoutTube and search “White Helmets fake” all sorts of videos and montages come up. The above video is one of the most professionally done compilations of evidence against the White Helmets. The video footage shown suggests that they are neither impartial nor unarmed. Jump to about 1 minute into the video to see […]

The Jihadi Friendly Omran/Syrian Boy Photographer

We were all outraged and moved by the photo of the little Syrian boy, Omran, seemingly injured and stunned sitting in an ambulance and staring out blankly at the world while White Helmet rescuers move around him. The photographer of that photo is named Mahmoud Raslan. The questions here are with Raslan, a supposedly independent […]

Fake Looking Video From BBC Report

The BBC caught a lot of criticism for the above report for altering the words of the female doctor in the clip. She is reporting from Atareb Hospital, (in Aleppo on 26 August 2013), after a bombing at a nearby school. In one BBC video she describes the attack as a napalm attack. In a later […]

Photo Stockpile of White Helmet Workers Also Appearing as Armed Soldiers

If you go to this link you will see a large photo cache of men who are dressed in White Helmet outfits in some pictures and then later dressed in military outfits with armed weapons in other pictures. Scroll through the whole collection because some photos are more convincing than others.

White Helmets Living Next Door to Al Qaeda in Aleppo

A French humanitarian named Pierre Le Corf, based in Aleppo for one year, videotaped and posted to YouTube a video of the supposed destroyed headquarters of Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) and the White Helmets. His video shows the White Helmets logo printed on the same buildings that contain the Al Qaeda logo. In one […]

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