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Granada Day2 33 48004306883
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Different types power lines
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Seyed Ebrahim Raisi in 2019 e1624460512317
Lockheed Martin headquarters e1623178888477
Attica New York Correctional Facility
Secretary Blinken Arrives in Cairo 51206274315
G20 capitalism banner
Palestine protest San Francisco IMG 8484 51184640720
Redlining demographics segregation milwaukee redlining holc map crop
Rahm Emanuel Pointing With Chicago Flag in Background cropped e1620337153428
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Wallstreet A New Era
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Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building scaled e1603307806912
Vivek Murthy nomination hearing February 4 2014
MSC 2021 SE 12 Biden
Biden 0166
Palestinian Teen
USS Bunker Hill CG 52 and USS Barry DDG 52 underway in the the South China Sea on 18 April 2020 200418 N IW125 2047
Us troops in syria e1596680474907
NATO Summit in Brussels 29510554308
NYC Rally and March to raise the minimum wage in America.
Biden meets with a bipartisan group of governors and mayors
President Joe Biden meets with G7 leaders
Factory farms contain animal waste in massive open-air lagoons that run the risk of leaking and breaking, contaminating surrounding air and water. (Photo credit: Bob Nichols, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service/Wikimedia Commons)
Petrocaribe manifestation
Johnson & Johnson offices, Ontario.
Citadel Center Chicago Loop Chicago Illinois 11004378483
Sisi logic
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officers. (Photo: U.S. ICE)
Citadel Center Chicago Loop Chicago Illinois 11004378483
Occupy Bank of America March 15, 2012, Occupy Wall Street targets BofA with a rally and march. Activists "moved in" to a branch by setting up a sidewalk living room on the theory that 'the bank took our homes so we're moving in with them.' A half dozen people were arrested.
Chicago urban farm 1
Bill Gates World Economic Forum 2013