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5 Myths About CBD Oil

CBD oil
CBD oil (Photo: Pixabay)

CBD is becoming more popular and with that comes a lot of misrepresentation and false information. There are so many myths about CBD going around that it can be hard to tell the difference between truth and lies and this makes people reluctant to try it. We’re going to clear the air for you and spread some truth. Here are five myths often told about CBD oil that you need to know are not true.

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It’s Illegal 

CBD oil is completely legal in most parts of the United 

States, with a few exceptions, and sold in all kinds of stores but you can usually find the best deals and highest quality products online. Some people think that because marijuana and marijuana concentrates are federally illegal that CBD oil is also illegal but this is completely untrue. Marijuana specifically refers to cannabis containing high levels of THC and produces psychoactive effects. CBD oil on the other hand and the cannabis plants CBD oil comes from are generally referred to as hemp and contain little to no THC and do not cause psychoactive symptoms after consuming. If you want to get really technical, CBD products containing 0.3% thc or less are considered to be legal and approved products. 

Medical Marijuana 

CBD oil is not medical marijuana. Medical marijuana especially these days is so strong it can actually be scary how powerful it really is. The plants that CBD oil and hemp extract are derived from contain little to no THC and are referred to as hemp plants. This can get a little confusing but for the most part CBD oil is available in places where medical marijuana is sold, however; anyone can buy it. You don’t need a medical marijuana license or a doctor recommendation. It is also sold in supermarkets, health food stores, smoke shops, and of course online. 

Gets you High 

No way will CBD oil get you high. There are no psychoactive properties in CBD oil and the tiny amount of THC needed to activate the cannabinoids wont do anything either. You may feel good after taking CBD but in no way shape or form will it get you high. It is described as more of a relaxing and calming sensation that can help you get to sleep, calm anxiety, destress, and even help relieve pain. People have even used it as a tool to help quit smoking. CBD oil can actually reverse the effects of THC and get you back to normal and feeling like yourself if you accidentally over indulge on some products containing THC. 

Only For Adults 

CBD is often times mistaken to be a product meant only for adults due to its connection to marijuana but this is not the case. CBD is great for all ages and can be a large proponent of better health. Studies have shown that CBD is a powerful tool in alleviating symptoms of seizures that for example young children with epilepsy are affected by. It is also a popular commodity among pet owners to calm and relax pets when there’s fireworks going off or just too many people in your house. 

It Cured Me! 

Although CBD has been tested and proven to treat things like anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and depression, it does not cure these ailments. Further scientific research is being done on the curing abilities of CBD and how useful it can be as a medical treatment but for now it is a great product for treatment and relief. Unfortunately CBD oil is not the magic cure for cancer, chronic depression, pain, and everything else that affects our health but it has been proven to help alleviate symptoms top those who have these conditions. 

Krisna Garcia

Krisna is an author for Citizen Truth.

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