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America Disaster Capitalism
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On this Resistance Podcast. Following our big win in a Missouri Trump lovin’ district Team Blue is sittin’ pretty! We break down where we stand as of now in the 2018 elections. In our upside down world, our conservative military believes in and is worried about climate change, yet the head of our Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, thinks that humans will flourish in a warmer climate. Idaho is officially rejecting science and education while our State Department is missing a very important due date, and the UN is none too happy about it. We check in with the dismal status of Puerto Rico. We illustrate how its Governor, Ricardo Rossello, is using its tragedy to usher in an age of disaster capitalism, and discuss why school vouchers are problematic. We discuss if Trump’s infrastructure plan is crony capitalism. We introduce you to Dr. William Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Finally, we can argue the merits of Rand Paul shutting down the Government but his argument as to why he is doing it is pretty spot on. All this and more on this episode of KVoice of Resistance. #RESIST
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