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Bill Cosby in Handcuffs, Gets 3 to 10 Years

Actor Bill Cosby has been sentenced for a term of three to ten years in prison. The popular comedian is to be incarcerated in state prison for sexual assault. The man regarded by millions of people as “America’s Dad” was also designated a sexually violent predator. This means he must be listed on the sex offender registry, as well as undergo counseling for life.

Following a two-day sentencing hearing at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Pennsylvania, Judge Steven O’Neill gave the verdict for three to 10 years. Several women who accused 81-year-old Cosby of sexually assaulting them were at the two former trials and the two-day sentencing hearing. These included Andrea Constand, Lili Bernard, Janice Dickinson and Victoria Valentino among others.

Cosby was however only convicted for the sexual assault of Constand, whom he drugged and raped. Constand said the drug left her paralyzed and she could only watch helplessly as the actor raped her. She said the man whom she considered her mentor robbed her of her whole essence.

“To truly understand the impact that the sexual assault has had on my life, you have to understand the person that I was before it happened,” Constand said. “Bill Cosby took my beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it. He robbed me of my health and vitality, my open nature, and my trust in myself and others.”

Cosby has refused to make any comments.

Judge O’Neill had on Monday labeled Bill Cosby a sexually violent predator. His defense attorneys objected to this designation, saying it was unconstitutional and too punitive. They added the accused’s age and blindness render him harmless to members of the public. O’Neill insisted Cosby be labeled a sexually violent predator unless the state’s Supreme Court negates it.

Based on the designation, if Cosby were to be released, he is obliged to inform the community where he lives of his sex offender status, as well as schools and children’s hospitals. He would also have to file his status with the state police, in addition to the compulsory counseling for life.

Cosby’s attorneys pushed for a house arrest, but the judge declined. Psychologist Kristen Dudley testified the comedian was likely to re-offend based on all known indications and lack of remorse. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele wanted up to ten years in prison for Cosby.

Cosby’s wife, Camille, failed to turn up for the sentencing hearing.



  1. Michael Simmons September 25, 2018

    They should have made him “Vice President “.!

  2. Rina Davis-van Tuil September 25, 2018

    Next please! The court will be busy for a century to get all these perverts in jail! Let’s start with humpy-trumpy and his cronies!

  3. Shirley Hawkins September 25, 2018

    Sad for his family, trump and his kids and wife should be lock up.racist liers and thief and traitors.

    1. Tere Calderon September 25, 2018

      Shirley Hawkins exactly ASAP

  4. Juan Reynoso September 26, 2018

    Lessons of life that we must learn, rape take place today in college and university parties innocent girls are going out to have fun and end up being rape, the priest also pray on females and boys trust to commit sexual abuse and these crimes are being coverup to protect these institutions Shame of this system of impunity that fails to prosecute these criminals.

  5. Charles Freedom September 26, 2018

    Kavanaugh should be joining him soon. ????

  6. Rina Davis-van Tuil October 1, 2018

    Who’s next? Anyone else from hollyweird? Or from the WH and government??

  7. Darlene Gould October 1, 2018

    When is Trump going to Pay the Piper.

  8. Tammy Smith October 2, 2018

    TRUMP NEEDS TO BE CONVICTED ALONG WITH THE JUDGES WHOM LET A Raper go free .white rich men juveniles High school boys etc.Always a black man is procescuted for a crime to the maximum guilty or not. How in the hell can a judicial system continue to operate like this and not be held accountable for false imprisonment? Let racist cops remain law in forcers. This has to be corrected.

  9. Katy Tessler Braun October 2, 2018


  10. Shirley Hawkins October 2, 2018

    Yes and when is trump lock up for his crimes.

  11. Donna Rae Mathre October 2, 2018

    good I hope this rapist dies in prison

  12. Dorothy McKown October 2, 2018

    Now it’s rumps turn and next Kavanaugh

  13. Raul Pompa October 2, 2018

    If Hispanic catholics priest Bill Cosby are going to jail 30 years later . than Kavanagh and trump must be punished to .


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