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Brexit and the Cancerous Rich

Have you ever wondered why we the regular people usually lose?

We lose because a) so many of us don’t care, b) we aren’t organized, c) we underestimate our opponents, but mainly d) we are always reacting to what the elites are doing.

Let’s take Brexit as an example.

The LEAVE camp won the referendum almost two years ago and then promptly sat on their asses, basking in glory, assuming that the elites would take this sitting down.

Rule number one: the elites never take anything sitting down. They never accept a defeat. They are ruthless and uncompromising. They fight to the death.

And so they did not, and do not. Slowly, slowly they are conditioning the people of the United Kingdom to hold another referendum. The trickster Theresa May, the prime minister, states that she is against holding another referendum; but if she were truly against holding another referendum, she would simply say nothing. By denouncing another referendum, she legitimizes it.

The UKIP and other proponents of Brexit helplessly sit back and stew about the lack of energy pursued in exiting the EU. They are being slow-walked to the abattoir. What UKIP and the other Brexiters should be doing is taking the battle to the Remainers by offering a superior option to the EU.

There is nothing wrong with a EU, but there is something wrong this EU. This EU, they should point out, is bad because it is a top-down, antidemocratic, non-representative biz-ocracy run for the benefit of the rich. What UKIP should be offering the people of England and Europe is a dynamic alternative to the current governmental structure of the EU.

Five hundred years ago there was another battle on the European continent between the regular people and the rich. It was called the German Peasant’s War. The peasants, tired of being pushed around rose up to fight for their rights. On the other side stood the worthless nobility backed by the immoral Jacob Fugger. The peasants were too kind; they might have won, but they didn’t. Over 100,000 peasants lost their lives.

The peasants underestimated just how greedy these financial cancer cells were – and still are today.

Cancer must be fought and defeated, wiped out dead. There can be no compromise, no rest, no reconciliation.

The cancerous rich take no prisoners.

Same Strategy, Different War, Same Failed Results


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