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Bulgarian TV Journalist Raped and Murdered After Investigation into EU Corruption

The murder of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova is the third death of a prominent journalist in the European Union in the last year.

The body of Viktoria Marinova, a 30-year-old Bulgaria TV journalist, was found on Saturday in a park in the border town of Ruse on the Danube River. She was raped and murdered in a manner forensic experts called “an execution.” Marinova just recently reported on alleged corruption involving EU funds last week. Some believe her death may be related to the TV broadcast of her investigation into fraud with EU funds.

Bulgaria’s interior minister Mladen Marinov disclosed there was no proof that anyone threatened the late journalist on account of her work before she was killed. “It is about rape and murder,” he said. Prime Minister Boyko Borissov added the best criminologists in the country are in Ruse to investigate the murder. They are already processing a large amount of DNA evidence related to the killing, he said.

“Her death was caused by blows to the head and suffocation, and her mobile phone, car keys, glasses and some of her clothing were missing,” said Georgy Georgiev, the regional prosecutor in Ruse town.

Was Viktoria Marinova’s Brutal Murder a Warning Message?

Marinova worked with TVN, a TV station in Ruse and one of the most popular in northeastern Bulgaria. She was also a board member with the station. On September 30, Marinova’s current affairs talk program known as “Detector” relaunched and began with a segment where she interviewed two investigative reporters Dimitar Stoyanov and Attila Biro on alleged corruption of EU funds. The fraud was linked to Bulgarian politicians and businessmen.

A TVN reporter who was a colleague with Marinova expressed shock at her death, saying no one was aware if she was under threat in any way. The journalist, who asked not to be named, added that even the TV station was not under threat in any way related to their work. He said the slain journalist was “extremely disciplined, ambitious…and a person with an extreme sense of justice.”

However, others think Marinova’s death was tied to her report. Dimitar Stoyanov is an investigative journalist with the Bivol.bg website and Attila Biro works with the Romanian Rise Project. Asen Yordanov, owner of Bivol.bg stated his media was aware of several threats to its workers, saying many reporters were evidently in danger since Stoyanov appeared on Marinova’s TV show.

“Viktoria’s death, the brutal manner in which she was killed, is an execution. It was meant to serve as an example, something like a warning,” Yordanov said.

Jan Kuciak, Daphne Galizia, Viktoria Marinova… Where is Jamal Khashoggi?

Marinova is the third journalist to be murdered in the EU in the last year. Malta’s most popular investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, was killed in a car bomb last October. Slovak’s journalist Jan Kuciak was gunned down in February and now Marinova.

In October 2017, up to two Bulgarian journalists held a peaceful protest in capital Sofia against threats from government officials. The country’s deputy prime minister, Valeri Simeonov, is reported to be breathing down the necks of Bulgaria’s top broadcasters and has accused the major media houses of carrying on a huge smear campaign against his person and political activities.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and press freedom organizations around the world have condemned the slaying of Marinova and called for a full investigation into her murder. Marinova’s murder comes the same week that Washington Post Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared after entering the Saudi consulate in Turkey. The Committee to Protect Journalists has documented more than 1,400 deaths of journalists and media professionals since 2000.



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    It will happen here in US we have a Raciest for a president now we have a rapids Supreme Court Judge!

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      Not, Racist, not a Rapist.

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      Johnnie McDonald
      I’m not dogging your opinion because we’re all free to choose how we think, but I’m just curious, why do you think President Trump is racist?

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    Who is a rapeist

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    The devil bring this world dpwn.

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    Sounds suspiciously like Clinton Investigators fate. Does she have money in that fight?

    1. Jose R. Rivera October 8, 2018

      Pat Redmon no, the Clinton incident was thoroughly investigated, it’s more like Putin/Trump style.

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      Jose R. Rivera All 50 or so?

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    We can see the same thing developing here in USA. trump has already threatened FB to turn over names of people who disagree and dislike him.

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    Coming soon to Amerikkka. Trumps angry mobs will turn on their neighbors.

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    Susan Collins said someone rapped and killed her but it wasent Bret Cavinaugh.

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      Scare-wee isn’t it?

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    So DISGUSTING!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if journalists in U. S. are targeted for fake news from IDIOT in our WH!! Very disturbing!! No longer a democracy, IDIOT run wannabe dictator!!! ??????????????????????

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    How very sad! The hate doesn’t stop!!!!

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    Damn them whoever they are. We need the truth and it’s journalists who find it.

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    New world order hiding their crimes and treason! The swamp covers the whole world!

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    R.I.P..this is where America is heading with the wanna be Dictator trump and his propaganda

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    Wonderful world we live in.

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    When you start in with bs about the President of the US on a story about a tragic murder of a young woman in Bulgaria, it shows how uncredible you and your opinions are.

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    How come WaPo and the rest of MSM are outraged? Funny that

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    Does the EU have a cabal just like the Clintons. Investigators die

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    So sad to stand up for corruption tactics and killed for doing it

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    Thanks for sharing this post with us

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    All murdered in acountries with aspiring dictators or by agents of Facist regimes. Thast includes Saudi Arabia.

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    Barbaric. Courageous woman doing her job.

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    This is exactly where this clown wants to take us, he loves Hitler and admired him according to first wife!

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    Raped and then murdered. I wonder, do male journalists have to endure this kind of humiliation prior to their death?

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