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Can America’s Democracy Survive? – RESISTANCE PODCAST

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America's Democracy
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On this Resistance Podcast. We discuss the Republican party and its  shortcomings. We explore the rise of populist autocrats with fascistic tendencies and a patent disdain for the liberal democracy our country was built on. We explore if people around the world have lost faith in democracy. What hope does this country have in getting back the system under which we used to thrive? We check up on what Congress is up to. More judges are being confirmed. There are bills that are about to hurt the environment (more) and send us into another financial crash. We visit the courts where the ACLU is trying to reunite children with mothers that ICE has separated. A court in San Francisco is putting Monsanto and its anti-science propaganda on trial. Finally, six news items that will make you feel good. This is The Resistance and so long as we take a cue from the young Stoneman Douglas activists we not only will not just survive this tough time we come out of it better than we have been in decades! #RESIST

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