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Can Politicians Fix the World?

The only way to fix our problems it is to realize that we are sovereign, that we are all leaders, all connected and all capable of making the world a better place.

A good definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. 

That’s why I’ve never voted and I probably never will.

The only people who can fix the world’s problems are us: we, the people. 

Real power does not lie with the politicians; it does not lie with the power brokers lurking in the shadows; it lies with us. And if, by any chance, you don’t think the world needs fixing, why don’t you hop on a plane and go and see what is being allowed to happen in Yemen?

I don’t believe in governments—in most cases they are just fronts.  I don’t believe in the ballot box—it doesn’t change the main thrust of policy. I have no faith in our ‘leaders’—a five-year-old can work out that you can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet.

I have faith in people, and I place my hope in something new and untested. 

I have faith in, and I place my hope in, a collective awakening. I want a revolution—not with guns and petrol bombs, but a revolution of consciousness.

A week ago, an acquaintance called me a raving lefty because of the short column I write for this website. As I said, I’ve never voted; in fact, I’d have to call myself apolitical. Yet, I was pigeon-holed. Why? Because I’m anti-war, anti-slavery, anti-destruction? 

Not wanting the place we call home to be turned into one big rubbish dump and not wanting the people of the world to suffer, surely, that is just humane and sensible? No political moniker required, I’d say. It’s just common sense, right?

I believe the majority of people think just like me.

And if, like me, you are sick and tired of the litany of woe coming out of the tube, turn it off. Turn it all off: the phone, the radio, the TV, the computer. Step outside and look at the world around you. You’ll see people going about their business, raising families, doing their best. 

The majority of people are good and helpful and trustworthy. I don’t swallow the lie that the world is a frightfully dangerous place; it’s not. People on the other side of the country, the other side of the political spectrum and the other side of the world are just like you and me; they are fellow human beings. But sometimes I wonder if our rulers are. It’s as if they’re born without souls. How else could they be so immune to the beauty that is all around us and so callous in the face of all the suffering they cause?

The world-government we endure surrounds us with bad news, with bad actors, with the wrong messages and the wrong flavors. Its immoral, bankrupt agenda is rammed down our throats from the moment we’re born, to the moment we die.

The only way to escape it is to realize that we are sovereign, that we are all leaders, all connected and all capable of making the world a better place. Only when we wake up to this fact, will we have a future and a fighting chance.

I say, ignore the politicians, ignore the marketeers and the propagandists; be really bold and ignore the banks and other usurers; ignore the glossy magazines, the Instagram posts and all the other social (anti-social) media that set the gnawing rats of avarice loose in our innards. 

We don’t have to play that rigged game anymore. We can set our own rules and determine our own futures. We can regain our birthright: that of being free, awake and aware human-beings, answerable not to the laws and statutes laid down by our masters, but to the higher laws and higher purpose of being human: that of being custodians of a blue planet and beneficiaries of the incredible gift of consciousness.

The entities that hold power are weak. They hate to be ignored, they hate to be laughed at, they hate the joy in the laugh of a child, they shrink from the steady gaze of the emancipated and they will shrivel and wither when we realize that we are capable and free. 

Ignore them. Build a better world from where you stand.

We are masters of our own destiny.



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  1. Kurt December 2, 2018

    If you want to fix the world. Nationalize everything, end bankes and money, and have everyone work for their memberships in the civilization. The disabled would be carried by the rest. Everything would be free as long as you did your part. “The absence of money makes corruption very difficult. As it stands big money finds it’s way into the intelligence system of any given country, then directs that country in the direction the investers want it to go.


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