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quarantine scaled e1592674567121
African American workers laying railroad ties for spur line 1942 27255092036 e1592543128379
Defund the police
cubamaxresdefault e1598303237203
Trump CARES Act 49716554661
Recep Tayyip Erdogan 2020 01 19 e1591977888443
Shipping docks in Baltimore
Minneapolis Unrest 49952677233
TargetGeorgeFloyd 20200528 DSC7964 49947767956
Statue LeopoldII Ostende 1 e1591717635438
George Floyd protests in Seattle June 3 2020 James Street from 4th Avenue
Medicare for All Rally Los Angeles - February, 2017.
Wonderful Nature Beauty
Protesting the Murder of George Floyd Washington DC USA 155 50211
Justice for All March Dec. 13 2014 15397345504
1280px Kissinger Ford Suharto and Malik cropped
1280px Joe Biden 49559769526
1024px Coronavirus child in mask
1280px White House Press Briefing 49482738433
1280px I Voted Sticker
1230px War2 e1590510244450
Joe Biden Article49559270983
1280px Veranotrigo
1280px COVID19 deceased in Hackensack NJ April 27 e1590270607992
1280px Donald Trump Coronavirus briefing
Bashar al Assad in Russia 2015 10 21 09 1
1280px Vice President Pence meets with the Coronavirus Taskforce 49595828743
1280px President Trump Meets with Energy Sector Executives 49742066158
Haiti 0110 AMarx 274 EJF
COVID 19 Nurse cropped
Reopen Ohio Rally Governors Mansion dIMG 1774 49867328563 e1589041033314
lossy page1 1274px Depression Breadlines long line of people waiting to be fed New York City in the absence of substantial government... NARA 196506.tif e1588965214431
1280px Secretary Pompeo Delivers Remarks to the Media 49720913006
Harvey Weinstein David Shankbone 2010 NYC e1588895433316
Maquiladora e1588872384398
President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping at G20 July 8 2017
lossy page1 1280px Headquarters building of the International Monetary fund Washington D.C LCCN2011634654.tif
1280px New York National Guard 49667734346