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Is the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan receiving special treatment from mainstream media?

On Sunday, November 4, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan gave a speech in Iran at Tehran University and led a “Death to America” chant as the nation celebrated the 39th anniversary of it seizing of the United States embassy.

The speech came weeks after the religious leader, who has been linked with high profile Democrats, including former President Obama, referred to Jewish people as “termites.”

“Is it not true that you have called America the Great Satan?” he asked the crowd, Fox News reported.

“If you believe that, then wouldn’t Satan be actively involved in trying to destroy a nation that is set up on… submission to the will of God?” he said in a nation that murders gay people and allows women virtually no rights.

“America is making it very hard for Iran to successfully carry out its mission,” Farrakhan said.

“But if you have the strength to persevere under these hard trials, the victory will be yours,” he said.

He then started a “death to America” chant in Farsi, and the students chanted along.

Farrakhan was at R&B singer Aretha Franklin’s memorial service standing next to former President Bill Clinton and Rev. Al Sharpton and yet no one in the media has asked for these men, or former President Obama, to denounce him.

“The reason Bill Clinton and other Democratic leaders can share a stage with this man is because, with the exception of Jake Tapper, most of the media looks the other way. If an R stood next to David Duke, the MSM’s hammering would never stop,” former White House spokesperson Ari Fleischer wrote.

“When will the Democrats disavow this guy? Answer: NEVER,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

“Maybe Obama and the Democrats will finally apologize for their association with this treasonous bigot,” Joel Pollak of Breitbart tweeted.

The fact is, if this were someone associated with Republicans this would be on CNN all day, every day. There would be microphones in their faces asking them to denounce him. But if you only read mainstream media, you would not even be aware this speech happened.


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