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Disaster Shock! The Resistance Preps for a Disaster Under Trump!


Trump Reistance

Listen==> KVoice of Resistance 8/1/17

Ep. 53- After our victory in saving healthcare we discuss what we do with those cowardly senators who chose not to represent their constituents and voted for the “skinny” repeal of the ACA. Jeff Sessions (the dark elf on the shelf) blocked President Obama from filling a judgeship in 2013. Now that the obstructionist GOP got their way it will go to a Federalist Society anti choice Republican. The Senate will confirm Kevin Newsome for the stolen seat as a U.S. 11th Circuit Court Judge (playing dirty seems to work). This judgeship business will be explained as well as the regrettable details of Newsome himself. KVoice went to Politicon on Saturday. We will tell you all about it! Woohoo! Pro-choice activists had victories in Alabama and Arkansas in their fight to protect women and abortion rights! We talk the hypocrisy of the right claiming the word “freedom” for itself. We discuss what Trump is likely to try to do to ramp up his agenda in the case of an environmental disaster. Also, what we can do to stop him, with the help of Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine. Finally, never allow the relentless foam from the mouth of our president make us cynical to the point of shutting down. Only then will he truly have won. #resist

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