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Doctor On Trial For Kidnapping British Journalists Is Treating Gas Victims in Syria

On April 4th, 2017 the Syrian government was accused of conducting a gas attack in Idlib. Videos and photos from the scene show White Helmet workers providing aid to victims. One of the doctors providing aid was Dr. Shajul Islam. He tweeted frequently from the scene. One Tweet said, “OUR HOSPITAL GETTING FULL FROM THE SARIN ATTACK TODAY. ANYONE THAT WANTS EVIDENCE, I WILL VIDEO CALL YOU.” Mainstream media used Dr. Islam as a source in their reporting on the Idlib gas attack. NBC News reported, “Dr. Shajul Islam speaks with NBC News about his current experience treating Syrian victims of chemical attacks, which Mr. Islam says are becoming more dangerous and now hospitals are becoming targets.” The Daily Mirror, CBS NewsNY Daily News, The Independent, The Telegraph, CBC News (Canada), Fox News, and many more news agencies all cited Islam in their reports on the Idlib gas attack.

However, all of the news agencies fail to mention that Dr. Islam and his brother stood trial in Britain for being part of a jihadist group that kidnapped two British journalists. Dr. Islam and his brother went free because the two witnesses in the case, which were the two British victims, did not appear to testify in the case.

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Lauren von Bernuth

Lauren is one of the co-founders of Citizen Truth. She graduated with a degree in Political Economy from Tulane University. She spent the following years backpacking around the world and starting a green business in the health and wellness industry. She found her way back to politics and discovered a passion for journalism dedicated to finding the truth.

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