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Down With Republicans and Their Tax Bill!-PODCAST

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Republican tax Bill
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On this episode of your Resistance podcast, Republicans are pulling a reverse Robin Hood on you, and no, that is not a frat boy sex act.  Republicans are taking your money and giving it to corporations and the richest of the rich.  Happy holidays everyone!  Donald is unpopular and the Republicans are pushing unpopular policies giving the left more ammunition than they know what to do with.  The polls are on our side if the polls are to believed.  2018 is looking up, up and up!  The battle over Net Neutrality is not over.  We tell you how the Democrats and Chuck Schumer are fighting back!  Our Republican big brother is banning words at the CDC, which is totally freaking us out.  Anti Science, Green Party 2016 candidate, Jill Stein, is in trouble.  Graduating students at the University of Baltimore don’t care much for Betsy, bible banging Devos.  Finally, if Donald fires Mueller we take to the streets! #resist  

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