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Fear and Obedience, The Truth About Who Runs the World

The elite doesn’t want healthy, functioning communities. It doesn’t want strong, independently minded, self-sufficient citizens. It wants worker-consumers, bowed, scared, dependent and obedient.

Divide and conquer. As a technique of control, it’s as old as the hills. We have it done to us day after day, year after year, generation after generation. Set one group against another, introduce division and strife, and the world is your oyster. Engineered or accidental, social discord is a gift to the ruling elite. 

Look at drugs, for instance. They’ll never go away. The “war” on them is ineffective. Their unregulated trade does untold damage to individuals and communities. So why not legalize them?

The legalization of drugs would have numerous benefits: Crime would drop massively; users would be safer because strength and dosage could be standardized; the real social and economic issues behind drug use could finally be addressed. Sounds like a lot of benefits, doesn’t it?

So, why aren’t all drugs legalized and the drug trade controlled by the state? Because the misery and the crime and the fear the current situation generates benefits the elite. Without the crime and the dysfunction, we wouldn’t need the state and its agencies to protect us. Trouble and strife give them a raison d’être. 

Commandeering Obedience Through Fear and Destruction

The elite doesn’t want healthy, functioning communities. It doesn’t want strong, independently minded, self-sufficient citizens. It wants worker-consumers, bowed, scared, dependent and obedient.

Let’s look at the reasons for the recent wave of illegal immigration to Europe. Bomb Iraq. Implement devastating sanctions for twenty years. Bomb and invade Afghanistan. Bomb Iraq again, then invade her. Prop up despots and dictators across the world. Promote social inequality on a massive scale, at home and abroad. Then demolish Libya as a functioning state and fail to stop civil war in Syria. What are the results? 

The results are so obvious and so predictable that I, for one, can only conclude that these outrages were committed for a reason: the destabilization of a whole hemisphere.

Colonel Gaddafi, madman or not, was the cork in the bottle of northern Africa. Uncork Africa, and a wave of immigration is the result. 

Destabilize the Middle East through direct and proxy wars, and again, a wave of immigration is the result. Mass immigration is inevitable, given the grinding poverty, war, famine, disease and violence so many people endure throughout these regions.

And the results in the West? Again, entirely predictable: overburdened public services, cultural misunderstanding, simmering resentment, racial tension, fear, flashpoints, someone to blame, the rise of fascism. 

Ergo, discord, dysfunction and fearFear. When we’re scared, we close ranks. We become insular. We lash out. We seek protection. We look for strong leadership. We seek comfort and diversion. We turn to escapism. Mob mentality takes over. Hysteria can set in. It’s an ugly cocktail, and it’s easily exploited.

So, the next time you watch the news, surf the net or even read a paper, stop; be aware. Give yourself the time to ask: “Is someone pushing my buttons, and if they are, why?”

Maybe the bad guys are not the poor, bedraggled immigrants looking for a better life; maybe it’s not the disenfranchised guy peddling drugs on the street corner. 

Maybe it’s the guys who pull the strings, who pull our strings, who engineer a world of misery and pain and destruction. 

Maybe we’re pointing the guns and the bombs at the wrong people.



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  1. Pat Ward November 25, 2018

    If any blacks are murdered in South Africa it will be on the bloody hands of trumpy in the White House because of his twitter statements early this year which promoted White Nationalist as Honorable in North Carolina. Trumpy will be guilty of murder.


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