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Fox Sitcom Creators Judd Apatow, Steve Levitan and Seth MacFarlane Clash With Fox Over Pro Child-Detention Stance

There has been a national uproar over President Trump’s decision to separate the children of unauthorized immigrants from their parents and detain them in holding facilities along the U.S. – Mexico border. With conservative news outlet Fox News vocalizing their support, entertainers who also work for Fox are feeling uncomfortable about the position it puts them in.

Over the weekend, Seth MacFarlane, whose animated sitcom “Family Guy has been a Fox hit for 16 seasons, tweeted that he was “embarrassed” to be working with the network, thanks to comments such as those by Tucker Carlson. Carlson, the Fox News host, informed the public that the truth was the opposite of whatever the mainstream media reports.

With over 48,000 likes to date, MacFarlane’s social media post has struck a nerve with others in his position. Two other Hollywood heavyweights have also voiced their condemnation of the current situation involving immigrants.

In a series of tweets published early this week, Judd Apatow — who severed ties with the Fox network after the 2002 cancellation of his series “Undeclared”  lampooned Fox for its coverage of the aforementioned child-separation policy, while proclaiming solidarity with MacFarlane for his outspoken stance against his bosses.

Apatow declared that Fox “promotes evil ideas and greed and corruption” and that “many people who work at Fox are in powerful positions and CAN say they do not support the networks support for evil policies.”

“Michael Tammero at Fox News is assisting kidnappers (The President and his administration) who are holding children for ransom,” Apatow went on. “Who is he to criticize anyone? He IS the problem.”

“Modern Family” co-creator Steve Levitan also weighed in, siding with MacFarlane against Fox, despite the fact that 20th Century Fox Television produces his long-running hit sitcom.

Responding to a comment by Fox News television host Laura Ingraham that the child detention centers are “essentially summer camps [or] boarding schools,” Levitan stated that the controversial policy was the opposite of what his show stood for.

Given the contrast of political leanings between Hollywood and the current administration, it’s possible more creative talent working for Fox harbors similar views and may join the chorus of celebrities speaking out.


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  1. Josh Schwien September 8, 2018

    Shut the fuck up. None of you cocksuckers gave a fuck about these kids when Clinton, Bush, and the last incompetent dickhead were doing it. Bunch of fake motherfuckers. Here’s how to keep kids out of detention on the border. Don’t give your kids to a fucking coyote and try to jump in front of the thousands trying to do it legally. Where’s their justice? Oh yeah you don’t really give a fuck about the ppl who may not vote for your team. You can quit pretending you’re good ppl now. We see your hypocrisy and know that you’re fake as fuck

  2. Shirley Hawkins September 9, 2018

    Yes please throw them out of office today lock him up. God bless you.


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