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GOP Christo-Fascism! Resistance Podcast

Check out this resistance podcast! RESIST! 

Fascism GOP Resistance
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Are you ready for our new Evangelical reality? The GOP Congress is going to use our tax code to shove religion into our politics till the political right is vomiting forth the church’s money. The GOP is totes cool with torture, getting a pedophile as a Senator to complement its sexual assaulting president and adding two more swamp monsters to the swamp: one, David Zatezalo, to screw the miners and two, Alex Azar, to screw any American who is human and needs health services. We discuss the shocking suicide rates among female veterans and that not enough people are talking about it. We have questions about Tom Steyer’s campaign to impeach Hair Trump. KVoice pledges to stand with Mila Kunis. Nearly 40% of Evangelicals are enthusiastic about Roy Moore’s pedophilia, and they have a hold on our government. We discuss religion in our government. Is there a chance for non-believers in our current theocracy? One legislator, Jared Huffman (D-CA), thinks so. We discuss all this and more on this episode of KVoice of resistance. #resist

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