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If Kavanaugh Confirmation Is Derailed The Future Of Men Goes With It

This editorial is one part in a two-part series offering different perspectives on Brett Kavanaugh and the #MeToo Movement. Read the counter-perspective: “Relax Men, If Kavanaugh Isn’t Confirmed Your Future is Still Fine

There is a phrase that has been uttered for the past several years and it never made sense to me until Sunday.

It was on Sunday when the phrase “the future is female” started to come into focus for me. Hours after Judge Brett Kavanaugh had been sideswiped by an allegation of sexual impropriety from a woman named Christine Blasey Ford that the meaning of the phrase began to make sense.

There are certain things that are important to note before I get into the story and my opinion on it. By and large the #MeToo movement has been a positive force in society. Women have, for far too long, suffered in silence as men in positions of power, both physical and financial, were able to abuse and blackmail women with no repercussions.

As proven, by the destruction of the careers of famed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and celebrated actor and comedian Bill Cosby, those days are over. But what is frightening is the idea that the pendulum could swing the other way and take innocent men with it on the strength of a mere allegation.

If you believe that is justice for the thousands of years of male domination you likely also believe that murdering white farmers in South Africa to avenge apartheid is also acceptable, and you would be incorrect.

I have no idea if Ford’s accusations against Judge Kavanaugh are factual, an intentional lie motivated by the fact that she is a Democrat voter, activist and donor, or merely two people not remembering events that happened more than three decades ago the same way.

What I do know is that, if Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court is thwarted by the three-decade-old memory of one singular woman, we have embarked into dangerous territory. A territory when the mere word of a woman, who was 15-years-old at the time, is enough to derail a man’s career.

Again, I want to stress that I’m not saying that her allegations are false. I’m not saying that her charges would not, under normal circumstances, deserve to be investigated. What I’m saying is that there is a reality, outside of politics, that has to be addressed.

It is ridiculous to choose now to investigate the accusations. Judge Kavanaugh has, during his career, been subjected to five FBI background checks. Each one an occasion where Ford could have voiced her concerns. He was then nominated for the Supreme Court of the United States and went through a hearing where a cavalcade of questions were asked of him. At the time of that questioning Sen. Dianne Feinstein had received a letter from Ford detailing her accusations, and yet the California senator brought it to no one’s attention.

To postpone this confirmation now, in the 11th hour, to investigate the claims of one woman that she did not bother to voice in three decades would set a dangerous precedent for the future of any nomination of any man, Republican or Democrat.

It is impossible to prove a negative. And it is far more impossible to prove a negative three decades after the event occurred. There is no way for Kavanaugh to prove that his recollection of the events of that day are correct and Ford’s are not. And, similarly, there is no way that Ford could prove that her story is the truth.

What is certain is that Judge Kavanaugh’s word deserves, at minimum, the same weight and the same presumption of truth that Ford’s does. But in the age of #MeToo that is not the case.

The hardcore proponents of the #MeToo movement believe that if a woman makes an accusation it is gospel and must be believed, with no question, and if you do not automatically believe that every woman is incapable of lying or being vindictive you are a misogynist and you hate women.

That is, unless the accusations are against someone like Rep. Keith Ellison whose accusers have been ignored and whose accusations have been summarily dismissed by a media not interested in reporting on them. The same media that has pounced on the charges against Kavanaugh.

But be that as it may, if this is the precedent that is set, that the unproven word of one woman is enough to stop any man from furthering his career, then the future is, in fact, female. Because there would be no way for any man to ever hold high office again.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine began writing for BizPacReview in 2014 where he found success as a conservative writer. His popularity continued to soar as he gained tens of thousands of followers. ​Carmine has been quoted by Fox News, has been interviewed on television by Tomi Lahren, appeared on BBC Radio, "The Critical Hour" with Dr. Wilmer Leon, Sky News in the UK, NHK in Japan, Power 98.7 South Africa and various other media outlets.

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  1. Rina Davis-van Tuil September 17, 2018

    Bunches of old, rich molesters that cannot keep their hands to themselves, just like the trumpet!

  2. Carol Funk September 17, 2018

    Their future to rape women and get away with it. That needs to be stopped and offenders must be punished

  3. Pat Harrison September 17, 2018

    Our Future is WOMEN!

  4. Kathy Holley September 17, 2018

    Bull crap!

  5. Charles Gould September 17, 2018

    The laws should be obeyed if bill cosby can answer crimes of years ago so can this clown !

  6. Betty Major September 17, 2018

    Kathy, sure you will not be a part of earning our equality

  7. Peca Blanco September 17, 2018

    kavanaugh should withdraw!!!!!

  8. Marie Marks September 17, 2018

    Stupidity Abounds In This GOP!!!!

  9. Roy Barnes September 17, 2018


  10. J.M. Robinson September 17, 2018

    What a crock of shit. Written by a scared man with a small dick.

  11. Gen Tate-Jewett September 17, 2018


  12. Sue Ross September 17, 2018

    What absolute rubbish.

  13. Barry Jackson September 17, 2018

    So what

  14. Frances Anderson Ballentine September 17, 2018


    1. Phyllis Bernstein September 17, 2018


  15. Bill Williams September 17, 2018

    Only if “man” in question has no control over his sexuality.

  16. Rufus Ballard September 17, 2018

    The future of some men excluding me. It needs to be derailed.

  17. Rosaland Campbell September 17, 2018

    The republicans lost all credibility of honesty when they refused to even hear the Democratic nominee for supreme court. So if they don’t hear this woman out they’re nothing but scum in my opinion

  18. Phyllis Bernstein September 17, 2018

    What? Bullshit

    1. Ann Lemburg Perez September 17, 2018

      Phyllis Bernstein exactly what I thought. Then saw your comment first. Yeah.

  19. Angelo A. Garcia September 17, 2018

    You mean white men?! Hehe.

  20. Ron Folsom September 17, 2018

    You mean the future of old white, elitist, men? We should hope so!


    1. Greg Funk September 17, 2018

      Like Bernie Sanders, Mark Warner, Joe Biden, and Chuck Schumer, too? Or just old, white, elitist men you disagree with. As far as I am concerned, all the old Congressional elitists of both sexes from both parties need to be booted out. Thirty years of padding their personal family wealth while driving the country further into debt.

    2. Ron Folsom September 17, 2018

      Greg Funk pretty sure that room wasn’t filled with just republicans and I didn’t say republicans so yes all of them! Time for complete change BIT first yes I want the gop gone! It’s a vile, disgusting hate filled club of assholes!

  21. Duff Branum September 17, 2018

    Were you clutching your pearls as you wrote this?

  22. Jess Eugene Leonard September 17, 2018

    There’s gonna be another civil war in this country if people don’t get together and settle some differences!

  23. Kevin MacDougal September 17, 2018

    You BULLSHIT SPINELESS EXCUSE FOR MANHOOD!!!! Why are you so full of doubt about and afraid of your own sexuality and gender ???

  24. Maurice Thomas September 17, 2018

    B.s.hopeful the future of thevies goes with it i would love to see an intelligent woman take this spot i personally believe it is time

  25. Johnny Thomas September 17, 2018

    Doubt it.

  26. Louis DeVries September 17, 2018

    All that is required is the accusation. Truth doesn’t matter after the complaint!

  27. Bob Skelley September 17, 2018

    It is a good read. One can choose to see both sides or not. The end result does not change. Vote Red for Russia.

  28. Neil Alan Bufler September 17, 2018

    If he had only had a companion letter from 65 MEN !!!

  29. J.R. Donna Purtee September 17, 2018

    Yep now he has to prove he didn’t do anything and if she lies nothing happen to her that is the Dems way of disrupting the government again

    1. Connie Szczudlo September 17, 2018

      What a bunch of baloney. And, I thought that ?? in the White House was a republican. He’s the biggest liar out there.

  30. Susan Dow September 17, 2018

    The woman who is bringing this allegation has passed an FBI lie detector test. The FBI has found her to be credible. But this should not be the only reason he is not confirmed. His statement calling birth control pills an abortion pill should disqualify him.

  31. Ann Corson September 17, 2018

    Isn’t there also a future for women?

  32. Tom Clayton September 17, 2018

    All Crock the woman is paid operative…next Allred will be her attorney
    This stunt is for the low information votes WAKE UP

    1. N Wade Davis September 17, 2018

      She took a polygraph and she’s already getting death threats. Maybe she doesn’t want to see the man that did this to her wield so much power. Even if she gets a book deal she is going to get serious heat from lots of genuinely hateful people for a LONG TIME.

    2. Karen Kish September 17, 2018

      Tom Clayton, speaking of low information voters, are you aware that the woman in question had made these accusations long before Kavanaugh was in the public eye? That some 80% of his record was withheld from the senators charged with vetting him?!

    3. Martin Walker September 17, 2018

      She passed an FBI Polygraph, can He ?!

  33. Linda Allen September 17, 2018

    Ya hoo! Let’s derail it!

  34. Edgar Paz September 17, 2018

    Well the future is female sooooo…. just sayin. We’ve been lead this far to the edge chaos by mostly fat greedy men. Wake up people this government and “men” in leadership do not have our best interest at heart! Their fucking time is up!!

  35. Larry L. Cunningham September 17, 2018

    Trump deplorable!

  36. Carolyn Berliner September 17, 2018

    How so????

  37. N Wade Davis September 17, 2018

    So… Holding someone down and covering their mouth and groping them and pulling at there clothes and only stopping because a friend yanked you off is ok…as long as it was when you were young. For one of the highest offices in the land. If it was a Democrat it would be about “charecter” and you know it. They blocked Garland for nine month for NOTHING but pure ideologue obstruction. Plus Kavanaugh is a corporatist dildo.

    1. Martin Walker September 17, 2018

      That isn’t even the main point.
      If true, he lied under Oath to a Congressional body , “ Felony “ !

  38. Herlinda Wirth September 17, 2018

    Vote Red only , the Democrat Socialist paid these gold digger to destroy a good man reputation. They won’t stop and do whatever it takes to win the November 6 election.

    1. Paul Vargas September 17, 2018

      Herlinda Wirth Surrrrrre….

  39. Kyle Volkmann September 17, 2018

    She will fail the vetting

    1. Judy Metcalf September 17, 2018

      Kyle Volkmann so understanding, not.

    2. Kyle Volkmann September 18, 2018

      Judy Metcalf
      It is simple. The leftwill do anything to advance their agenda. The basic concepts of Freedom, Liberty, and equality under the law are no longer important to them. They advocate a Collectivists ideology without properly understanding it. The left always creates to a brutal form of Oligarchy if they take control.
      At every turn every situation the Democrats challenged Cavanaugh’s nomination they have done it with dirty tricks, lying, cheating, and bribing. I truly doubt this story is any different than all the others that we’ve seen and heard before.

  40. Carol Rhoades Melby September 17, 2018


  41. Kyle Volkmann September 17, 2018

    N Wade Davis
    I perceived by your comment that you don’t care if she’s telling the truth or not. Your goal is to stop the president and the man he wants to be a chief justice. You no longer care or respect fellow Americans, you no longer believe in the concepts of Freedom Liberty and equality for all.

  42. Deborah F Donovan September 17, 2018

    Bull, just whimps

  43. Deborah F Donovan September 17, 2018

    If you can’t deal with respecting a real woman then you deserve to go by the way of the dinosaur. If you had a brain in your head where it belongs you would understand the TRUTH.

  44. Don Bean September 17, 2018

    If he is, what message does that send our daughters?

  45. M.D. England September 17, 2018

    WTF! You mean GOP men don’t you?

  46. Paul Vargas September 17, 2018

    Screw Kav…..

  47. William Kane September 17, 2018

    The future of all men??? Don’t assault women and there is no problem.

  48. Larry Robinson September 17, 2018

    Yeah, we’ll finally have responsible people in charge who are fantastic multi taskers. Get those old farts in their rocking chairs.

  49. Mark Tribble September 17, 2018


  50. Cynthia Wilson September 17, 2018

    You go girls/women! We have been used as pawns long enough.

  51. Lola Madison September 17, 2018

    Say what??? If he’s not then some semblance of democracy might be saved.

  52. Joe Minicilli September 17, 2018

    Hey, its the chick that threw up the white power symbol behind Kav!

  53. Lorraine Donovan September 17, 2018

    Oh bullshit.

  54. Alex Gasso September 17, 2018

    The Left must be brought to the red carpet when one files a whine report at the eleventh hour!

  55. Aine Hughes September 17, 2018

    He needs to take a lie detector test.
    She did and she passed.

  56. Connie Halscott September 17, 2018


  57. Peter G Fitzpatrick September 17, 2018

    What the hell does that mean?? Are we men so fragile, ha.? Now, does this mean “the future of men as assholes?”… I can see that, and it would be a good thing, yes.

  58. Louis Scott September 17, 2018

    My understanding is it can’t go wrong. That have enough votes without democrats so if they don’t get him in there it’s just another piece of evidence that they’re not going their jobs and have no intentions of being honest in the future.

  59. Lee Beck September 17, 2018

    Well he set himself up when he said he wasn’t at that party , if he really was I’m sure someone else knows if he was . If I were asking him questions I would as , did you attend parties back in that time ? If he said yes I would ask , how do you know what party she is talking about ? She didn’t say And everyone has been saying how smart he is.

  60. Zowie Nikolic September 17, 2018


  61. Richard Hench September 17, 2018

    Future of men ?

    What bullshit

    1. Doris Simonis September 18, 2018

      Think about this. If you, men, give a friend a kiss on the cheek she can bring charges against you. Therefore, we are back to believing all women to the detriment of ALL men. I thought we were past that. Guess not.

  62. Nathaniel Stacy September 17, 2018

    What lobotomy procedure have you bean subjected to? Oh Sorry I just realised you can’t remember because of the resulting Brain damage.

  63. Dianne Antonio September 17, 2018

    They deserve it

  64. Cindy Stevens September 18, 2018

    # me too. Change the culture of equality and women’s rights in USA. Call your senators and Susan Collins and Lisa murkowski demand no vote on scotus confirmation. Nomiee unfut to serve lied under penalty of perjury. Protect the high court vote no. No more good ol boys club hold repubs accountable. Vote blue in Nov

  65. Sherry Duchaine September 19, 2018

    “If you believe that is justice for the thousands of years of male domination you likely also believe that murdering white farmers in South Africa to avenge apartheid is also acceptable, and you would be incorrect.”
    It has nothing to do with Justice or revenge. It has everything to do with changing the status quo. Thousands of years has been plenty of time for the male majority to nip their entitlements in the butt, but that time never came which unfortunately after “1000’s” of years technically makes the entire group guilty by default. Men set the standards for war, didn’t they? Innocent casualties, spoils of war, infants are raped … and now there is a war on the male race. By their own for long accepted rules and realities of war, innocents will be affected. Yes, it really sucks, DOESN’T IT? Male and female victims who survive predators know how much. I have two young grandsons who are going to grow up and learn that a balance between the feminine and masculine energies is important in order to achieve a balanced world. That’s what everyone is here to learn … consequences for the dehumanization and objectification of other human beings for personal gain and/or pleasure… it’s wrong to do it and it’s wrong to protect those that do it. The other elephant in the room that has always been widespread is incest. For some reason the rape of children in families isn’t being talked about much. I mean, that’s how out of control the predator is. There isn’t a group of people where it ‘doesn’t happen. No, not to ALL. But ONE person matters. If you think YOU do, so doesn’t that ONE you don’t know. Men will inherently think that women will do to them as they have done to women. That projection is just that, a projection and ADMITTANCE that men know how scary horrible they’ve been for 1000’s of years, their Fears clearly show that.
    This is all part of a paradigm shift and many are in the disorientation part of the U.N.’s Agenda 2030, #20 “All forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls will be eliminated, including through the engagement of men and boys. The systematic mainstreaming of a gender perspective in the implementation of the Agenda is crucial.” There’s so much more: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld

  66. GISELA HAUSMANN September 19, 2018

    No, no, Carmine,
    you are painting the wrong picture. You are describing the Anita Hill – Clarence Thomas situation. I will admit, then, I was not sure about “what probably happened.” I seem to remember that Judge Thomas took another job and Anita Hill followed him there – after the alleged incident. That irritated me. Also, Clarence Thomas seemed unfazed, not as if he had something to hide..

    In contrast, Brett Kavanaugh can’t look anybody straight into the eye, not even the father of a victim of gun violence, he gives evasive answers, he meanders, and at times, he looks worried, even scared. Kavanaugh looks like a man who has secrets. Not to talk about that he speaks about his prep school as if it was Las Vegas.
    Kavanaugh: “What happens at Georgetown prep, stays at Georgetown prep. That’s been a good thing for all of us.”

    A good thing?
    Anybody, and I mean anybody, from the president to a priest and even St. Peter himself can ask me any question about my high school.

    Brett Kavanaugh does not look like a man who we want as a supreme court justice.
    Certainly, a country with 300+ million people has better candidates.

  67. Deborah Anderson September 21, 2018


  68. Tom Russ September 21, 2018


  69. Arlene September 21, 2018


  70. Pat Ward September 21, 2018

    Then the future will be better for women and people not white.

  71. Jordan Snow September 21, 2018

    You guys are so full of shit…

  72. Phillip Tapia September 21, 2018


  73. Pat Harrison September 21, 2018


  74. Carol Carpinteyro September 21, 2018

    Confirm. Judge. Demcraps communist

    1. Char Caldwell Podzikowski September 21, 2018

      Carol Carpinteyro Russian troll try useing real English sentences.

    2. Carol Carpinteyro September 21, 2018

      Char Caldwell Podzikowski. Idiot im not from russia thats all you got blame other demcraps are evil there money humgary just feeling there pockets. So shut the f up

    3. Victoria Helton September 21, 2018

      Arrest the rapist

    4. Carol Carpinteyro September 21, 2018

      Clinton rest of the demcraps paid out. Are money. Both side if there guilty they should be arrested. But this person dont add up why wait so long. Thats all they can come up with demcraps are evil. Just for them selfs. At least president trump wants to put americans first. His doing a good job

    5. Susan Dow September 21, 2018

      Carol Carpinteyro and Char Caldwell PodzikowskiChar; try using a dictionary. It might make your arguments more sustainable.

  75. Susan Ashley September 21, 2018


  76. Susan Ashley September 21, 2018


  77. Olga I. Rodriguez September 21, 2018


  78. Rina Davis-van Tuil September 21, 2018

    Now it’s the men’s turn, women have been taking this bullcrap from the higher ups in the government way too long! Sick idiots!

  79. Ross Marquez September 21, 2018


  80. Zeynep Arig Badur September 21, 2018

    Oh, please!

  81. Carol Jo Dean September 21, 2018

    About time.

  82. Josh Schwien September 21, 2018

    No, no it’s not. Her allegations aren’t true and neither is this bullshit story you’re peddling. CNN’s retarded little brothers “reporting” more bullshit

    1. Mike Davis September 21, 2018

      Hey dude, you got a booger on your lip

    2. June Lysell September 21, 2018

      Josh Schwien Please tell us how you know she isn’t telling the truth! Do you know her, were you there!!! If not, you are a despicable human being and I sure hope you don’t have any daughters or granddaughters that need you to be there for them!!!

    3. N Wade Davis September 22, 2018

      It’s highly likely it’s true. She’s taking a big amount of heat for coming forward.

  83. Kathy Holley September 21, 2018

    Bull crap! Didn’t know men were so insecure!

  84. Ann Lemburg Perez September 21, 2018

    The future Will be better………!

  85. Josh Schwien September 21, 2018

    I just like how the name of this page has truth in it and there isn’t a shred of it in any of your stories

  86. Raul Alvarez September 21, 2018

    Make it so !!!!!!

  87. Ferne Fitzpatrick Carbo September 21, 2018

    And if he is confirmed, the future of women is in peril…there are more women than men in this country
    …so the majority rules…vote no on Kavanaugh!!!!!!!!

  88. George House September 21, 2018

    He is about as much of a man as trump… lol

  89. Billie Jean Haneline September 21, 2018

    Ha ha what a come on, maybe men will learn to leave women alone.

  90. Mary Pore September 21, 2018

    How very true

  91. Victoria Helton September 21, 2018


  92. Buddy Martin September 21, 2018


  93. Tere Calderon September 21, 2018

    He should resign rapist

  94. Tom Rothwell September 21, 2018

    All this talk and he will still become a judge. Why!!! Because they don’t care.

    1. Connie Kennedy Wardlaw September 21, 2018

      Tom Rothwell you are so right

  95. Robert Stoll September 21, 2018

    Hope it happens.

  96. Ken Shepperd September 21, 2018

    Time I will never get back

  97. Heather Ries September 21, 2018

    Few rapes are actually reported, for this reason. I guarantee you the accuser has a vivid memory of what happened. The impact of her trauma may make some details fuzzy but she has a clear memory of the attack.
    Why would any woman take on the harassment and the threats for a false claim? Her entire life is being disrupted, again.
    Passing a background check – simply means you have not been charged with or found guilty of a crime. A background check cannot address crimes that were committed and went unpunished.
    For the record, I hope that men who indulge in rape culture take notice – their lives need to change. In that aspect, yup, the world for men will be a lot different. Society will finally listen to those who have been raped or sexually assaulted.
    By the way the percentage of false reports are very small.

  98. Mike Davis September 21, 2018

    Normal circumstances? What are normal circumstances when it comes to sexual assault?

  99. Elaine Carey September 21, 2018

    Women will be closer to gender equality in the 21st Century!!! Hooray!!! ???

  100. Elaine Carey September 21, 2018

    Women will be closer to gender equality in the 21st Century!!! ???

  101. Fred Latimer September 21, 2018

    Pure unadulterated bull shit.

  102. John Smego September 21, 2018

    Bull shit

  103. John Smego September 21, 2018

    Don’t be a dick.

  104. Susan Rush September 21, 2018

    It is is not a future that is good for men or women. It’s time to stop rape culture.

  105. Tere Calderon September 21, 2018

    Good he should go away

  106. Robbie Stolze September 21, 2018

    The future of men what????

  107. Judy Metcalf September 21, 2018

    While it’s impossible to prove a negative, who agreed that the accusation by Dr. Ford should be factored as a negative? No one! Her word is not up for inspection. She has finally broken and told the truth which society had forced her to hold for too long. She told the truth and he lied. He had 30 years to live with what he had done and never thought to speak with her to apologize to ask how he could help her to heal. When she brought this out he should have apologized. It was his opportunity.

    1. RastusTyrone Jones September 21, 2018

      Judy Metcalf was you there?

    2. Judy Metcalf September 21, 2018

      RastusTyrone Jones she stated and i believe her because she is willing to undergo public humiliation to stop a travesty from happening. Was you there? That you flat out don’t believe?

  108. John Grier September 21, 2018

    Yes, white boys. Seems as though they’re the leperous disease and enemy of all mankind with their father the devil.

    1. N Wade Davis September 22, 2018

      That’s not helping.

  109. Elliott Schertzer September 21, 2018

    Bullshit only for weak men

  110. Frank Cromis September 21, 2018


  111. Dagney Trevor September 21, 2018

    Let’s hope so. Women are entitled to make their own decisions.

  112. Don Fass September 21, 2018


  113. Constance Jahrmarkt September 21, 2018

    Sorry. It’s not the 11th hour. This circus has only begun. And I have 2 words : Merritt Garland.

  114. Glynn Cahoon September 21, 2018

    U can’t be serious! GET A GRIP IDIOT!

  115. Nancy C. Parker September 21, 2018


  116. Peter John Stone September 21, 2018

    Men had their turn.

  117. Rosa Lara September 21, 2018

    Yeah, they will become extinct… what a bunch of BS!!!!!

  118. Rosanna Metcalfe September 21, 2018

    Not all men are this way.
    There are some good, decent men who find this behavior discusting.

    1. Mary Fink September 22, 2018


    2. Rosanna Metcalfe September 22, 2018

      Mary Fink that does seem to be the case so I will.
      I think other presidents have loved their wife and not been this ugly. Ronald Reagan for one. But I personally love watching the Obama’s respect for each other.

  119. Michael Leslie Greenspan September 21, 2018

    What kind of nonsense is that!

  120. Walter Brewer September 21, 2018


    1. Mary Fink September 22, 2018


  121. Gloria Kornblum White September 21, 2018

    All men are not alike, thank goodness. If we get rid of these s.o.b.s we have a great chance to MAGA.

  122. June Lysell September 21, 2018

    Oh, give us a break!!! A whole lot of BS!!! If you don’t let her be heard you truly are male chauvinist pigs!!! She has a right to be heard whether you think she is right or wrong!! Just stop and think of your daughter if this happened to her!!! Would you assume that she was lying??? Wake up fathers and grandparents and mothers, what if she was yours!!!! She has a right to be heard!!!! Don’t let these old disgusting men tell you that you’re daughter asked for him to attempt to rape her!!!!!!

    1. Timothy Hover September 22, 2018

      June Lysell you’re right she has every right to have this investigated just like those young Catholic boys from 30 some years ago!!!

  123. Mary Elam September 21, 2018


  124. Phyllis Aldrich September 21, 2018

    Really that delicate and threatened?

  125. Loretta Davis September 21, 2018

    I fest of what my sons grandsons and great grandsons face

  126. Janet Bento Li September 21, 2018

    Father God thank you for the next Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of the United States of America. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.

    1. Suzanne Willets Brooks September 22, 2018

      Janet Bento Li God has nothing to do with this. A corrupt government does.

  127. James E. McIntyre September 21, 2018

    Republican Bullshit!

  128. Julie Stone September 21, 2018


  129. Ann Wilson September 21, 2018

    Disagree …makes room for real men!

  130. Johnny Thomas September 21, 2018

    Bad men n the GOP.

  131. Dewayne Stone September 22, 2018

    Bull shit

  132. Fred Schloemer September 22, 2018

    What garbage!!!

  133. Rayford Calloway September 22, 2018

    For white supremacist men only.

  134. Fran Ben September 22, 2018

    I agree with you that there is reality,outside of politics ,that has to be addressed, like Donald Trump sexual harrassment, raping a 13 year old,including all the others in politics there are denying the allegations.

  135. Fred Nightwalker September 22, 2018

    Deport trash

  136. Louise Dodson September 22, 2018

    Kavanaugh is not a man. I would be hard pressed to find a real man in the Republican Party.

  137. Carolyn Hess September 22, 2018

    Hopefully un the future men will treat women like human beings, respect, love, cherish them – not objectify them.

  138. Shanna Druckemiller September 22, 2018


  139. Linda M DeGroat September 22, 2018

    Women have absolutely NO VALUE in this Christian Taliban Republican regime…actions speak louder than words!!! Denying the rapist would be a step forward not backwards.

  140. Jesse P Galan Jr. September 22, 2018

    Fuck you Liar’s

  141. Susan Lynn Miller Whitmore September 22, 2018

    Yep the future of men will be changed. Men will remain men (no trany), pedophiles will be shot on cite, and Schiff won’t have that smirk on his face any longer

  142. Timothy Hover September 22, 2018

    You mean the future of bad man!!!

  143. Suzanne Willets Brooks September 22, 2018

    Nope this is like saying to all of the people who reported being molested by catholic priests are setting a dangerous precedent. Hold people accountable. What is a sham is how despite his known lies and despite the fact that every othe scouts has turned in reams of paper work to show us how they actually vote… this “man” has not. Please this article is written by a coward

  144. Michael Horne September 22, 2018

    If they allow the dems to derail this then the whole process is in trouble. The Repubs might as well go home because they are useless.

    1. Fred Botts September 22, 2018

      You’re right about one thing. The repubs might as well go home because they are useless….though I would have said worthless.

  145. Gretta Hahn September 22, 2018

    If hes confrimed there goes the future of all women

  146. Robert March September 22, 2018

    Bullshit. When this rapist moron is derailed so goes all other rapists.

    1. Michael A. DeLoach September 22, 2018

      Like Sen. “Spartacus” Booker!?

    2. Robert March September 22, 2018

      Michael A. DeLoach please explain.

  147. Joyce Blackburn September 22, 2018

    Why is it, if one man does wrong and is made to pay for his mistake, they all feel like they, males have done wrong. From my view only ones who have dine wrong is the guys that molest or rape a woman. There are great men in this world and would never push themselves, drunk or not, on to a woman who said no. So just because one ASS hole does something wrong and is made to pay for it. Doesn’t mean the whole male population will pay for it. Just the idiots who think as our so called pres, its okay to group, or do what you want to do to opposite sex even when they say no. So if women say no and ask for that man to pay for what he does. Then we are against all men? I don’t see it that way. Just the ones who do wrong need to pay. So Kavanaugh loses the appointment, the world still go around. Find a judge who respects women and know its her body. Not a man’s to do with as he thinks he can.

    1. Noella Peterson September 22, 2018

      Joyce Blackburn thank you.

  148. Shirley Hawkins September 22, 2018

    His bitch at his side.demons running wild.

  149. Gary Winslow September 22, 2018

    His confirmation is a step backwards. The statement of this post is bs. What, men don’t get a pass for hideous behavior to women? Sounds like a better future to me

  150. William Rowe September 22, 2018

    Like he’ll! Maybe the treatment of wemon by men will change. Evolution of balance is needed!

  151. Fred Botts September 22, 2018

    If he is confirmed, the future of women’s rights and health are doomed.

  152. Linda McWilliams September 22, 2018

    BS, Fascist Republican propaganda, using threats and fear to fool fools. NO TO KAVANAUGH , HE IS TRUMPS PAWN.

  153. Irene Quinn September 22, 2018

    White men of privilege have been getting away with ,,, hmmm too much, with the “boys will be boys,,,excuse,,, no more!

  154. Debbie Candis September 22, 2018


  155. John Bruce Davis September 22, 2018

    Yes, the future of frat boy type women abusers should be derailed.

  156. Gail Carney Bitner September 22, 2018

    No, it doesn’t

  157. Deborah Burger September 22, 2018

    Not the future of REAL men, those who respect women as equals, tell the truth under oath, and didn’t let their corrupt personal ambitions get them involved in theft and political coverup along the way to realizing dreams of power. The only “men” threatened here are the spoiled little boys in grown men’s bodies, who never learned basic decency, never matured beyond thinking of themselves as the centers of their own little worlds. I know many fine men who are not threatened in the least, and are standing in solidarity with Dr. Blasey Ford.

  158. Sylvia Narramore Opella September 22, 2018

    If that happens..blame HIM!

  159. Jean Clifton Young September 22, 2018

    Thank you Joyce Blackburn

  160. May Lepak September 22, 2018

    If he passes, we will derail it later.

  161. Camille Lane September 22, 2018

    BS. Future of men. Give me a break.

  162. Elvis Adorno September 22, 2018

    B/S don’t dare to put all men in his status, he screw up he pays for it like any other, stop white political privileges, all men must be equal the same

  163. Shirley Andrews September 22, 2018

    What about the future of us women we are doomed if he is confirmed !

  164. Carol Funk September 22, 2018

    The only future of men that they will lose is that they feel as if they have the right to rape women and get away with it and that is good. NO MALE has that right

  165. Dorothy McKown September 22, 2018

    You just mean the future of EVIL MEN!!!!

  166. Barbara Cork Smith September 22, 2018

    I doubt that!

  167. Karyn Succi September 22, 2018

    Evil old abusive men in suits. Yep. It’s about time they moved on. Sick of their disgraceful behavior.

  168. Margaret Taylor September 22, 2018

    Get it over with! Confirm him!

  169. Bob Davis September 22, 2018

    So,did this happen when President Obama was denied his pick for Supreme Court?

  170. Ophelia Harris Summerville September 22, 2018

    Bye, bye if this determine the male future then you never had one in the beginning.

  171. N Wade Davis September 22, 2018

    I think you may be exaggerating.

  172. Ed Litzer September 22, 2018

    Your writing crap… the future of male abuse might finally go with it!

  173. Rebecca Stanley Melton September 22, 2018

    It’s scary that someone can make an accusation without proof and ruin a mans reputation. Our sons and husbands are at the mercy of such hate!

  174. Carolyn Berliner September 22, 2018


  175. Mickey Elliott September 22, 2018

    What future, who’s future? Just interested!

  176. Andrew Richard Tennock September 22, 2018

    But the future of Rapists will be contained.

  177. Marie Marks September 22, 2018

    BS The FUTURE Of Hate SHOULD Go WITH it If That Means Men That Is Mans Problem It Is All In The. ATTITUDE!!!!!!!

  178. Neil McNevin September 22, 2018

    Lies to everybody

  179. Kim Anderson Ziebell September 22, 2018

    The future of male rapists is in trouble!


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