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In New Dave Chappelle Special Equanimity, Chappelle Skewers Trump

In the new Dave Chappelle special Equanimity, Chapelle pulls no punches and skewers the notion that Trump is a candidate for the working class.

Comedian Dave Chappelle is no stranger to making political statements. Through his provocative body of work, which spans over two decades and includes standup comedy along with his groundbreaking sketch TV show over a decade ago, he has deftly commented on the dynamics of race and class in America.

It comes as no surprise that he would have his mouth full in the new political climate after the last presidential election. His appearance on Saturday Night Live over a year ago found him voicing his cautious but hopeful perspective of the then president-elect.

New Dave Chapelle special Equanimity.

With his new comedy special, Equanimity, which debuted on Netflix on December 31, his views have evolved with the first term of the current presidency.

Chapelle pulled no punches in the special, skewering the oft-held notion that Trump would be a candidate for the working class. The comedian elaborated how he encountered many of these very people—poor, white voters—on Election Day last year. Affirming that they were mainly “decent folk”, he nonetheless said that he felt “sorry” for them because of their misguided faith in Trump.

“You are poor,” Chappelle remarked, before adding of Trump, “He’s fighting for me!” This is all the more poignant now given Congress’s passage of a tax bill in December that has been often criticized as benefiting the rich—although other reports point to the possibility of economic growth in the form of bonuses and potential wage increase.

“I know the game now. I made so much money last year,” he proclaimed in the special, remarking that he has witnessed rich white people calling poor white people ‘trash’.

Chappelle, 44, reportedly inked a deal last year with Netflix worth $60 million dollars for a trio of comedy specials.

Chappelle changes stance on Trump.

This past year, he expressed regret over his remarks in his Saturday Night Live monologue, asking the country to give Trump a chance then.

“I’m wishing Donald Trump luck,” he said at the time.

He later announced at a charity benefit last year: “I was the first guy on TV to say, ‘Give Trump a chance.’ I f—ed up. Sorry.”


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