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Undercover Video Shows Abuse and Torture of Pigs at Factory Farm

An undercover investigator for Mercy for Animals (MFA) has captured the systemic abuse and torture of pigs on video at the world’s largest meat producer. The MFA investigator secretly filmed the farm animals being cruelly tortured and killed at Tosh Farms in Franklin, Kentucky. Tosh Farms is a major pork supplier to JBS, which is based out of Brazil.

Tyler, the MFA investigator named in EcoWatch’s report, said the pigs looked up to him as if pleading for their lives and that he would never forget the look on their face. He said they “all shared the same look of helplessness and fear” in the face of horrors unleashed on them.

JBS Torture

Tyler documented his Tosh Farms experiences at jbstorture.com, a new website opened for the purpose of exposing JBS’ crimes.

“One mother pig stumbled down a corridor with her uterus hanging outside her body. She wouldn’t live much longer,” he said on the website.

He said he saw farmhands kick pigs in the face and workers rip out the testicles of piglets in brazen cruelty. He witnessed workers smashing the heads of piglets on the concrete to kill them.

“A worker grabbed a piglet, just hours old, by the feet and swung him high and then slammed his head down against the hard concrete,” said Tyler. “Any life left quickly vanished.”

According to the investigation, pigs are subjected to horrendous treatment from the day they are born in crates to the day they are killed at Tosh Farms.

“If JBS executives abused even one dog or cat the way their suppliers abuse millions of pigs, they would be jailed for cruelty to animals,” wrote MFA president Matt Rice. “As the largest meat company in the world, JBS has the power and responsibility to end this torture.”

On viewing the offensive video, JBS announced the suspension of pork shipments from Tosh Farms without. But Kenny Torrella, director of communications at MFA contended that the JBS suspension of shipment from Tosh Farms is not enough, saying that it “amounts to nothing more than meaningless PR spin.”

Pigs and Other Farm Animals Are Gifted With Natural Intelligence, Emotions and Personalities

MFA is calling for JBS to put an end to housing piglets and adult pigs in gestation crates for their entire lives. Raising sows in gestation crates is deemed cruel torture to pigs since they are not able to move around or engage in natural animal behaviors for normal development.

“These curious animals lose their minds from frustration and stress,” writes Lucas Alvarenga, vice president of MFA in Brazil. “They often also suffer painful pressure sores from rubbing against the bars of their crates and crippling joint problems as their muscles waste away from lack of use.”

Animal rights advocates argue that pigs and other farm animals raised for meat are intelligent creatures with matured emotions and individual personalities.

“To help move society to a more ethical food system, we as consumers must think less about ‘what’ is on our plate and more about ‘who’ is on our plate,” said Marc Bekoff, professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

You can watch the video here.



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  1. Pete Hammill September 21, 2018

    If that’s what takes to get better tasting bacon I’m all for it

  2. Joe Wrenn September 22, 2018

    Disgusting! Hard to watch! Do these terrible people go home to a family after work? Inhuman bastards!!

  3. Roger Jasso September 26, 2018

    Stop abuses against the intelligent animals please! They have normal emotions just like you! Please respect the animals like you would respect the humans!!

  4. Charles Freedom September 26, 2018

    Damn sad!

  5. Joanie Vought McCully September 26, 2018

    I feel sorry for every animal involved. The fear of imminent death is just as real as yours and to think otherwise is insane

  6. Megan September 29, 2018

    This is not acceptable, no matter what. I don’t care the situation. They deserve to b treated well. Inhumane of these people. Karma comes back.


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