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Yes, Joe Biden 2020 Is A Real Possibility

Joe Biden 2020, it could happen. Former Vice-president Joe Biden has said in private that he is seriously considering a 2020 Presidential run, according to an associated press report.

Biden hosted a meeting recently with several of his top aides at his office near Capitol Hill.  During the meeting, he is reported to have informed those who were in attendance that he has yet to decide on whether he will commit to a Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign.

During the meeting, Biden also reportedly expressed interest in having those who were in attendance in his team if he does consider a run in 2020. At the same time, he added that there would be no hard feelings if they decided against joining him and opted to remain in their current roles outside of government.

A spokesman for Biden refused to comment on the situation.  The 75 year old Biden will be a strong candidate for the Democrat nomination if he does decide to run. He considered a possible run in 2016 while he was vice-president to possibly succeed then president Barack Obama as the leader of the Democrats. He changed his mind and distanced himself from the running following the death of his son.

After leaving office, Biden has become more critical of the current administration and President Donald Trump. He criticized Trump’s handling of North Korea, saying “the United States has a role in the world that the world has come to expect. I think the President is much, much too cavalier. And it’s dangerous.”

Multiple polls have Biden ahead of Trump in a hypothetical 2020 presidential race. CNN (poll conducted by the research company SSRS), Public Policy Polling, and Politico all conducted hypothetical Trump versus Biden 2020 polls and all results found Biden ahead of Trump.  The CNN/SSRS poll also showed Trump lagging behind Bernie Sanders and Oprah Winfrey.

Who are you rooting for? Joe Biden 2020, Bernie Sanders 2020, Trump 2020, or Oprah 2020?



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