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Judge Dismisses 119 Bogus Drug Cases Linked To Corrupt Former Florida Deputy

A corrupt cop in Florida was busted planting drugs, leading to the overturning of 100 plus drug cases.

Jackson County Judge Wayne Mercer dismissed 119 drug cases linked to former deputy Zachary Wester. Investigations carried out by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement found Wester planted drugs on people to get them arrested and incarcerated. Prosecutors in the 14th Judicial Circuit revealed the corrupt Florida deputy is behind hundreds of unfounded drug cases.

Wester was sacked from the police department on September 10, 2017.

Wester’s corrupt practices would have remained unnoticed or unchallenged if not for a Tallahassee Democrat report. In one of the video reports, Wester could be seen via body cam planting meth in the pickup van of a woman he would later prosecute.

The accused were originally charged for crimes ranging from traffic tickets to misdemeanors, possession of methamphetamine, and some felonies. Beginning from September 13, 2017, cases linked to Wester were dismissed. Forty-nine of the 119 cases were thrown out on Tuesday alone.

The assistant public defender for the county, Derek Blount, requested that at least 40 of the cases be turned into pleas or vacated. But state attorney Laura Parish insisted that all the cases would be dismissed so far as they are linked to corrupt Wester.

“We have completed the work we know about,” the state attorney said. “If additional information is received, we will follow that up. I have not received the FDLE report so I can not say for sure that we are finished.”

According to Blount, all that the county officials are trying to do is to execute justice and right the wrongs carried out by Wester.



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  1. Betty Major October 4, 2018

    Our justice system at it’s finest. Lock him up for life


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