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Leaked Documents Detail Mormon Church Cover Up of Sexual Assault

After two reports detailing decades of abuse within the Catholic Church in Germany and Pennsylvania came out in recent weeks, a new report has been leaked detailing sexual abuse within the Mormon Church.

MormonLeaks, a website dedicated to exposing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), published a document leaked to them showing how the church covered up cases of sex abuse within its ranks. According to the secret document, the church in 2012 appeared to fail to notify police authorities when a Branch President and several missionaries were accused of or confessed to sexually molesting minors.

Ryan McKnight, founder of MormonLeaks, disclosed the anonymous source of the documents is “beyond reproach.” The website protects the identity of its whistleblowers and mostly publishes sensitive documents provided by anonymous individuals.

The leaked document is titled “Special Investigations and Projects.” The name of a law firm based in Utah, Kirton McKonkie, is listed at the top of the document. The words “Attorney Work Product – Privileged and Confidential” are written at the bottom of the document pages.

Sexual Assault Against Minors in Mormon Church

A scrutiny of the documents shows they contain information about seven cases of sexual misconduct perpetrated by church leaders against minors. It also contains a summarized resolution of the cases as determined by the church.

McKnight stated that rather than preoccupying itself with the welfare of the victims, the documents show the church worried more about how the abuse would impact its image. A further analysis of the file shows the church did not resort to the police for help with its investigations, but it resolved them in the best way it saw fit.

In three of the cases, foreign missionaries were alleged to have had sexual conduct with several children, including an 8-year-old child. In one of these cases, the missionary concerned was recalled home, but the church decided to take no disciplinary action against him.

In another one of the cases discussed in the document, a missionary confessed to fondling and kissing a 15-year-old girl, but the church said it was reluctant to send the missionary home because he may face felony persecution.

McKnight said the church must allow the police to do its work, and concern itself with caring for sexual victims and reporting abuse. He added that once a minister is accused of sexually abusing a minor, the church should allow the police to determine whether the accused is guilty.

“I don’t think it’s the Church’s job to adjudicate these cases and to decide whether or not the missionary is guilty,” McKnight said.

The law firm Kirton McKonkie and LDS have not publicly issued a response.



  1. Patricia Swanson-clayton September 19, 2018

    It’s Everywhere people, you always think you’re safe in your house of worship ?

  2. Margaret Fritz September 19, 2018

    Why are we finding all this sexual abuse in established religions?

    1. Joelle Cannon September 19, 2018

      Margaret Fritz I think its always been there, people are now telling about it. More and easier ways to get the word out.

    2. Victoria Helton September 19, 2018

      I think there is so much sexual repression members of the church end up acting out .As well as men being the end all be all. Each man holds the priesthood. And as with alot of religion the man is the head of household. To much authority is not a good thing alot of weak men abuse it.

  3. Jose R. Rivera September 19, 2018

    Diverting from the SCOTUS pervert candidate and the treason collaboration of the racist traitor in the white house with Putin and the Russian Mafia.

  4. Pat Ward September 19, 2018

    All religious organizations are covering up sexual assault because they believe rape is a right the men have.

  5. Alyson Michie September 19, 2018

    Another poisonous religion!!!

    1. Gary J. Weber September 19, 2018

      It’s NOT a REAL Religion IT’S A CULT. Just like others who write their own Bible.

  6. Denise Coleman September 19, 2018

    No shit…

  7. Chari Hayes September 19, 2018

    Why does the church get to decide?
    So nothing happens?

    1. Donna Rae Mathre September 19, 2018

      everything they want . the president of the church tells the men how to vote ,and many other sexual crap. and women casn never hold any standing in the church. the men rule period !! I hope they finally get what they deserve !!

    2. Louise Dodson September 19, 2018

      Donna Rae Mathre we need more women in power..

  8. Larry L. Cunningham September 19, 2018

    Anyone surprised?

  9. Lee Beck September 19, 2018

    And a lot of people want to be under church rule, please explain this to me.

  10. Susan Dow September 19, 2018

    Sadly, I am not surprised.

  11. Ray Duffett September 19, 2018

    Just another conservative evangelical doing what they love to do. It seems like conservatives are lying, stealing, adulterers or pedophiles everyday we hear about another one.

    1. Gary J. Weber September 19, 2018

      Just Catholic priests.

  12. Mary Sue Driver September 19, 2018

    No shit Sherlock!!!????

  13. Ethridge Eason September 19, 2018

    Here we go again….

  14. Barbara Cork Smith September 19, 2018

    If your Mormon, you are not suppose to smoke or drink, but having sex seems to be ok?

    1. Ken Spalding September 19, 2018

      Shhhh, you gotta keep in quiet…stop knocking on My door!

  15. Juanita Valentine-Taylor September 19, 2018

    But, if course! We shouldn’t be shocked!! Just another religion full of hypocritical sinners!

  16. Robert Stoll September 19, 2018

    That’s the “MORON” Church. Ya gotta be nuts to believe their dogma.

  17. Trena Chamness September 19, 2018

    Trying to keep up with the Jones’s? Or should we say the Catholic priests!!!

  18. Bob Burge September 19, 2018

    Why would this church be any different?

  19. Louise Dodson September 19, 2018

    Everyone got this cover up.

  20. Linda Fannon September 19, 2018

    Seems to not be one group!!!!

  21. Shirley Hawkins September 19, 2018

    Unfortunately the trump church

  22. Ken Spalding September 19, 2018

    catholic ‘doctrine’ catching on?

  23. Larry L. Cunningham September 24, 2018


    1. Ed Eichner September 24, 2018

      Larry L. Cunningham not at all I’m ex-mormon saw a lot

    2. Doris Simonis September 24, 2018


  24. Bill McGrath September 24, 2018


  25. Betty Major September 24, 2018

    Protestant evangelists, Catholic priests now mormans, they have all lost it

  26. Ed Eichner September 24, 2018

    Religion has killed more people than all the wars together

  27. Charles Freedom September 24, 2018

    This is really no surprise to anyone.

  28. Tom Wade September 24, 2018

    Sounds like the Supreme Court Hearing!

  29. Dave Martin September 24, 2018

    No shit

  30. Sharon Ryan September 24, 2018

    Another religion that preys.

  31. Rina Davis-van Tuil September 24, 2018

    All these clergy from all denominations should be able to marry, then maybe they leave the boys and girls alone!

  32. Rick Long September 24, 2018

    What’s new?

  33. Shirley Hawkins September 25, 2018

    He should have walk in the world of sincerity. God don’t like ugly ways of man who treat children shameful.

  34. Linda Fannon September 25, 2018


  35. Donna Rae Mathre September 25, 2018

    I hate Mormans and I definately have zero respect for them .and I was one many years ago and I know what I am talking about. so this does not surprise me at all !!

  36. Chari Hayes September 25, 2018

    Churches should not be able to police themselves.

  37. Gary J. Weber September 25, 2018

    Another “Cult” is exposed.


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