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Measuring the Stalwarts

Politicians are merely the wealthy elite’s fall guys – convenient targets thrust out front as cannon fodder for any revolutions while our governments’ manipulators lurk in the shadows hoping for the best.

The fact that it’s impossible to find one trustable government among our almost two hundred nations is a source of daily embarrassment for everyone on Earth.  Not only for those who are responsible for the most mischief, but also for everyone who allows it to continue when we all obviously deserve better from life, especially from people who are supposed to represent us in government.
This remedial leadership is a byproduct of the low standards our elitists have set for us while they’ve serviced their sponsors like a bunch of inbred prostitutes.  So the real question might be whether we have matured enough to move forward together in the knowledge that we’re using a transparent democratic government to look out for our best interests and address common concerns that will improve everyone’s quality of life.
Politicians are largely responsible for our current situation.  They have followed an erratic if lethargic zigzag course for so long, hardly any of them can tell you where they’ve been, let alone where they want to go.  A result of having long ago lost their ethical compass.  So when it comes to direction, both in having their own or showing others paths we might want to take, politicians have behaved mostly like dandelion seeds, forever blowing in the wind until they randomly find somewhere to take root and spread like the weeds they are.
All they do is talk, yap-yap-yap, yet they rarely say anything meaningful.  Divisive, yes, they’re very adept at spewing controversial garbage.  Deceitful, naturally, they talk out of their asses so often it has become impossible to tell when they’re actually telling the truth.  Disappointing, always, they hardly ever keep their campaign promises.  But talk they will, all day and all night.  At least if the script has been pre-approved.  And they have been prepared for any questions that might be asked of them.  And providing they can easily read their answers from teleprompters while they smile at the cameras and lie right to our fucking faces.  Which makes believing in a politician much like spitting into the wind; it should only be done to spite oneself.
Their willful tendency to lie, to promote themselves, to advance their party’s official rhetoric regardless of whether it’s complete nonsense, to sweep inconvenient realities under the rug, to speak with forked tongue… all of this self-servicing corruption explains why the corners of their mouths are stained brown.  It’s not from chewing tobacco.  It’s from constantly talking shit.  And that’s no wonder really.  The tiny little worlds they live in are entirely fake.  The often ridiculous excuses they offer are maliciously fake.  The crooked way of life they promote, deceitfully fake.  The silly personas they create for public consumption, condescendingly fake.  Their public appearances, their substance of message, their inept leadership – fake, fake, and even more fake.
In spite of this, and like all liars tend to do, they hold their cards high to make it seem like they’re holding a few aces.  The truth of the matter is far from that.  They’re holding rags, rubbish, and they constantly overbet their hands.  Meaning their power is just as fake as everything else about them.  So all we need to do is look them in the eye, know they’re just a bunch of chicken chested cheaters, and call their bluff.
From democracies to dictatorships, slimy politicians have constantly shown an eagerness, a zeal to service whoever might be in power as long as they got a taste of the high life for themselves.  Their propensity for greed and self-interest has consistently pushed them away from reality, and that has proven a detriment to our entire civilization because they have used their influence to distance everyone from basic truths, such as the fact that we should all be free enough to live as well as we possibly can.  Instead of looking out for our common good, however, politicians slobber all over themselves begging for the scraps from their sponsors’ tables, then reserve the right to suck out the marrow of life before handing everyone else a dried out old bone.  This qualifies them as leeches.  They present an unnecessarily large drain on resources while giving nothing in return.  This happens regardless of whether they’re actually lawyers, were merely schooled in political science, or used daddy’s name and money to coerce their way into positions of enhanced responsibility.  Their first order of business always seems to be abusing the public trust extended to them.  They only love their ability to manipulate others so their loyalty cannot be measured above ground.  Their highest priority is self-preservation, and that makes their best skill betrayal.  All of which makes them untrustworthy.  Plus, they can all be had for the right price, and that’s what makes them so useless to average people who don’t have a big enough bankroll to meet their extortion rates, let alone fully capture their attention.  So they only have to bend a knee for a very select, very elite few.  And what’s a blow job here or there between friends anyhow?
All if this disturbing pseudo-leadership means the actual contributions made to history by politicians are most often listed under the column headed Making a Mess of Life.  Collectively, they have caused exponentially more problems than they’ve solved, which makes them the least effective middle management we’ve ever employed.  So maybe it’s time we cut them their last checks from our public coffers and showed them unceremoniously to the door.
Thanks for your service.  Maybe.  We don’t need your ‘help’ any longer.

How to Reform Politics

Fortunately, while politicians were a necessary evil in days of yore when atrocious literacy rates obstructed most people’s understanding, we have finally evolved into a fairly well-educated and well-informed populace.  We’re all qualified to make decisions for ourselves now, and that means anyone can do these politicians’ jobs. Which, in America, were intended to be honorable positions of public service in the first place.  Only through political bravado and feckless mismanagement have people lost sight of that fact.
Eliminating politics as a career choice can be readily accomplished.  All we need to demand is that term limits apply to all levels of government.  Whatever we decide.  Maybe a maximum of three or four terms, with a provision that nobody can exceed ten or fifteen years in office.  Perhaps we need to include a one time only exemption for people who prove to be exceptional civic leaders so we can make the most of their talents while at the same time ensuring no one can become entrenched enough to become tyrants.  Or, instead of an extra term, maybe successful public servants could be rewarded with a short stint on a council that advises people about how future generations might view the policies we’re debating in advance of elections.
However, we think we can accommodate anyone who wants to become directly involved with governing while protecting everyone from the abuses of power that seem to increase with length in office.  On one hand, we want anyone to have a fair chance to advance their cause since we don’t know what might happen tomorrow, meaning we can’t be sure if we might someday be motivated ourselves to correct some injustice, or share some idea we think would be helpful, or address some situation that concerns us.  On the other hand, we don’t want to enable any closet dictators or even twelve-term congressmen who become the great tsars of various worthy causes.
If an issue cannot be resolved within one or two terms, it either lacked merit to begin with, lost public support, or needed to be addressed at a different level of government.  As we’ll learn, sometimes the big problems will be local, and the smaller problems will be global.
Independent of the government, evolving intelligently means properly educating ourselves, and a logical result will be that we’ll all be qualified to make decisions at the highest possible level and act as the president of the world within a generation or two.  A secondary benefit from this will be that administrative and legislative positions in government will be relegated to memories in our history books, and are therefore only temporary.  Afterward, everybody will share the responsibility for determining our destiny by setting goals and making plans and creating survival strategies that include the logistical and administrative needs required to get the job done.

Eliminating Corruption

Temporary though they may be, elected officials need to be guarded against those who would exert undo influence over them.  Bribery, coercion, propaganda, corruption, greed… the exclusive territory of the monied elite.  We are still weak people, after all, our civilization is still in its infancy.  So preventing our ugliest traits from resurfacing in places where they can hurt us most will require vigilance on a number of levels even if we insist that our civilization’s government operate with complete transparency for as long as it is needed.
To begin with, the vast majority of us could do without legalized corruption in the form of special interest groups and political action committees.  These unnecessary and overtly manipulative organizations raid government institutions to stock their rosters with professionals capable of thwarting any attempts to stop their masters’ unyielding schemes.  They are the people most responsible when laws are written in favor of corporations, and when permissive riders are randomly attached to unrelated legislation.  

Political Donations

Second, since money infiltrates the government from all directions, donations to political campaigns need to be recognized as flagrant attempts to purchase the policy-making process by directly influencing whole voting blocks.  It’s how the privileged elite basically write their own laws.  It’s how they send young boys away to die in wars that only enrich their entrenched minority, who of course rarely fight wars for themselves.  So the fact that political parties amass slush funds through large or repetitive private donations, contributions that 90% of us cannot afford to make, combined with the fact that in-your-face corruption has become the standard operating procedure of elections, means regular people have been unable to determine our own candidates for decades.  Time in which we have only been shown a slapstick parade of corporate clowns.  None of this has anything at all to do with democracy.  It’s simply the aristocratic oligarchy getting away with murder.  Literally, in more situations than we’d like to admit.
Politics have always been a rich man’s game.  Same in the Roman Republic as it is now.  Which doesn’t bode well for future generations since the rich man’s world we’ve been mired in for thousands of years is falling apart from our constant abuse.
People who are firmly in touch with reality (sane) would not threaten the ecosystem that sustains them simply to make a few extra bucks (insane).  Only people deeply afflicted with greed could be so careless with their entire species well being and future.  So, since these arrogant twits refuse to accept responsibility for the damage they’ve inflicted on the environment, which includes the problems that will negatively impact our descendants for decades, if not centuries, and since they obviously aren’t going to offer any assistance to the recovery process that will be needed to correct their mistakes, it would seem each of their misdeeds should be compensated for with a good deed.  If only for karma’s sake.  Meaning every attempt to purchase influence among the government should be matched, dollar for dollar, with donations to accredited charities.  That’s not unreasonable, to ask that people who throw money around to further their private lives through public offices are simultaneously required to advance society by directly contributing to organizations that look out for thousands of people, and it wouldn’t be necessary if Big Business and others with the most responsibility cleaned up their own messes instead of cutting their losses as soon as a project is completed and leaving behind wreckage for everyone else to address later.  That bullshit has got to end.

Election Reform

Third, since it has proven next to impossible for any outside elements to break the Federalists’ monopoly on responsibility through their control of both the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States, we can no longer afford to allow elections to be decided by money or media exposure because the only representatives we have today are those who accepted enough bribes to mount mudslinging advertising campaigns.  Therefore, all monies raised for any particular election should be divided evenly among all of the candidates, regardless of which person or party took the most contributions from corporate interests.  The last thing we need from our government officials is for their staffs to be constantly bombarded with phone calls and personal visits from corporate types reminding them of the sponsorship that had been provided to get them elected as a prelude to asking for favors that subvert the democratic process.  Elections should be won by those who deliver us the best high-quality information so we can gain an understanding of the goals they’ll pursue in our best interests, be that at local, state, national, or global levels.  Elections should not be popularity contests between automatons with fake public personas.  Meaning the only thing our modern politicians have proven through their trashing of the public dais is that every candidate deserves to have their fair say in equal time to their opponents.  That includes equal media coverage for the proposals they wish to advance and equal public exposure for the evidence they have to back their ideas.  In addition, since politics has always been twisted with a seemingly required amount of deceit, both official and personal, any public statements made by our actual representatives should be verified through lie detector results so everyone can be sure they believe in what they’re telling us.

Mass Media

Fourth, the mass media is a corporate enterprise.  It is owned by the monied elite.  The same people who purchase our government officials.  The same people who tried to take over the French Revolution.  The same people who have a well-documented history of twisting reality to serve their own purposes, a tradition that began long before William Hearst started the Spanish-American War with his own personal propaganda campaign.
The media has become so Goebbels-esque in determining how world events play out that it has become the modern version of the papacy that once manipulated the crowns of Europe.  And just as using god as an excuse for everything a monarchy did eventually become so unpopular that people demanded a separation of church and state, we now find ourselves in the position where we need to consider whether we might prefer a separation of media and state.  We honestly don’t need more streams of propaganda, we’re already up to our necks in such sewage.  Just deal with the facts.  That would be helpful.  Don’t prettify the bullshit, don’t sell advertisements as news segments, and don’t walk in lock step with any kind of policy that could be interpreted as blowing smoke up everyone’s ass.  All we need to know is which people want to be elected, with their reasoning explained in ways we understand.  Then we can make whatever informed decision we think is best in helping to create a better future in which we’d like to live.  So, aside from delivering us this basic political information, the media should probably stick with its primary job, which is entertainment.


Fifth, we need a strict code of ethics for as long as we need people to hold offices for us, just to ensure our representatives don’t forget themselves once they’re exposed to enhanced responsibility.  This would include a one and done policy for everyone who violates public trust.  Take a bribe?  There’s the door.  Break your oath?  Don’t come back.  Make behind the scenes deals against your constituency’s consent?  Seriously, we don’t need you, we have plenty of good people capable of doing that job, so be gone.  Anyone proven to be a self-serving disappointment should no longer be welcome in government, and their seat should remain vacant until the next election cycle to encourage everyone who got duped to be more discerning about who they elect in the future.
Lastly, although most importantly, the floor is always on this matter.  Any ideas concerning how to prevent our government officials from acting like a bunch of arrogant assholes will always be welcome.
Removing lackluster leaders from public offices and ensuring their replacements aren’t nearly as corrupt seems like a good step in the right direction, but there’s more to be done.  Much more.  We may have been groomed to think our governments are our biggest problem so we’re less likely to vent our anger on the captains of industry who have done the most damage to both our collective psyche and the environment we depend on, but we really need to understand that politicians are merely the wealthy elite’s fall guys.  Convenient targets thrust out front as cannon fodder for any revolutions while our governments’ manipulators lurk in the shadows hoping for the best.
Oh ye of little faith in your fellow man, you are hereby put on notice – there are no special interests, only people who think they’re interests are special because the corrupt society they’ve built for themselves not only allows but expects their opinions to count more than anyone else’s.  That shit has got to end too.  Our situation has become precarious enough that there’s an immediate need for us to make plans for billions of us, not just the few hundred thousand who have been cold-hearted enough to collect most of the money we’ve printed.


More than anything else, society needs to be more courteous to reality.  Those with large audiences cannot be allowed to stomp on truth like so many grapes at a winery.  Extremely powerful people lose touch with reality as the potential loss of wealth and influence creates a paranoia that isolates them from the real world, for which they have increasingly less respect and even contempt. They fall in love with themselves for being so successful in a society whose lone measuring stick is how much money a person has.  Then their greed makes their fortunes more important to them than their spouse or children while they’re constantly shown that they can do whatever they want because they can use their money to shut people up and make their problems go away.  In short, their character generally shrinks as they grow older.  They cease to evolve because they’re too conceited, deluded, and spoiled to want to be better people.  They already think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Why bother trying to improve?
In practice, their self-revelling lifestyles make them among the worst role models a society can produce.  Perhaps that’s a normal course of events for a species as young and naive as ourselves, and not at all surprising since we’ve been struggling to gain ethical traction since our ancestors first learned how to talk.  Meaning we have nothing to be ashamed of (aside from the obvious).  It’s simply shortsightedness to have not applied much intelligence to our evolution to this point, part of pretending we had all of the answers when most of our elevated ancestors couldn’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground.  Besides, our experiences are far from the first time any of these growing pains have happened in the universe.  They’re just character flaws that intelligent civilizations learn how to correct.
That should not be interpreted as failure of any kind.  We’ve made incredible strides over the past few thousand years, there’s no denying that.  But these accomplishments are exactly what provide us with insight into our place in the cosmos.

Earth, Civilization and How Little We Know

Earth is more than four billion years old.  Over that time, plenty of earthly species have had the opportunity to evolve well past the point we’ve only recently reached.  Maybe some of them reached critical points in their history like the one we find ourselves in today, and maybe some of them destroyed their civilizations in biblical flameouts.  Maybe some of them evolved enough to have left this planet in pursuit of other interests in space.  And maybe the last ones to have evolved off of Earth are waiting for us to show proper stewardship of this world so they know their original planet is in good hands, freeing them to finally go about their business elsewhere in the universe.  We just don’t know.  That’s the point – we only have a detailed account of a few thousand years in a universe that’s billions of years old.
What we do know is that the universe is three times older than Earth.  Our tiny perspective of time makes it hard for us to comprehend how long life was evolving before this solar system even formed.  So, in consideration of everything we’ve done in only a few thousand years of marginally effective communications, it’s easy to deduce that a truly incredible number of species have had ample opportunity to make the most of their insights and skills, and have long ago evolved into highly intelligent civilizations.
Basic math can show us the way.
There are hundreds of galaxies, maybe even thousands.  Each one has trillions of stars.  We’ll use the lowest of these numbers under the assumption that we still don’t have a full picture of this universe’s scope.  Our base number of stars in the universe will therefore be one hundred trillion.  That’s 100,000,000,000,000.
Now, let’s suppose the so-called Goldilocks Zone, the area where temperatures are favorable for life, only hosts inhabitable planets at the barren rate of once for every hundred-million stars.  That takes our base number down to one million.
Let’s also project the conditions of our solar system onto other places, meaning only a third of the planets that reside within the Goldilocks Zone can provide livable habitats.  Our base number drops to 333,333.  Let’s also be realistic and assume we’re wrong about something since we suffer from such a dearth of galactic facts, so we’ll cut the number in half again just to be cautious in this approach.  That brings us down to 166,666 planets that could have sustained life, although two-thirds can be assumed to have gone extinct when their stars expanded, collapsed, and died.  Now we’re at just 55,555 planets that are capable of sustaining life today.
Now let’s reduce the number by 90%, just for the hell of it.  That leaves us with only 5555 planets that might be inhabitable.  And since we used the minimum number in counting galaxies, one hundred, that would suggest there are 55 or 56 thriving planets in every galaxy.
The question of whether we’re alone in the universe can now be designated as curious idiocy.
There are a very large number of accomplished civilizations out there.  Thousands at the very least because some of these peoples certainly achieved physiological independence and evolved off of their original planets before they were consumed by their suns.  Some of these civilizations have been growing wiser for billions of years.  They have all the Jedi mind tricks they’ll ever need.
Knowing exactly how many other peoples are investigating space at this point in time doesn’t matter to us right now.  The only number that applies to us is one, which probably seems like a good thing because we absolutely love it when our team is number one.  But it’s not.  Team Mankind can only claim to be number one in the universe at exactly one skill, screwing over our fellow human beings, and that shit has got to end too.
Our alleged leadership intentionally ignores all of the evidence we’ve accumulated since cave art regarding the highly evolved people who visit Earth on a regular basis.  They claim acknowledging the existence of superior civilizations would be dangerous.  It might destroy the fabric of life, they tell us.  But what is this fabric anyhow?  If it was woven with conceit and dyed with deceit, wouldn’t that make it a polka-dotted blend of stripes and paisleys?  That’s not flattering on anybody.  So we’re probably better off tearing it to pieces, if only to keep from going blind.  Especially when this ‘destroying the fabric of life’ garbage is just another one of the entitled elitists’ bullshit excuses to keep telling us what to do when they obviously never knew what the hell they’re talking about to begin with.
None of the establishment’s information can be trusted at face value.  None of it.
Plus there is the issue of peace.  Why should we fight wars against each other under the predatory banner of nationalism when the highly evolved species in the universe are peaceful?  If they were warlike they would have used their vast technological superiority to take Earth for their own purposes, and in the process, mankind would have either been enslaved or eliminated.  Peace reigns in space.  It’s another reason why we don’t fit in with civilizations that no longer murder thousands of their own people every day.  It’s also why, on the larger scale of life in this galaxy, it couldn’t possibly matter less whether his country is better than hers, or vice versa when our civilization is mired in last place among the species who are currently trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe.
In addition, if other species have devised methods of organization that do not revolve around money, there’s no purpose to amassing money here if the surpluses of wealth aren’t directly applied to improving the quality of life we all experience during the brief consciousness each of us contribute to evolution.
Besides, big-picture-wise, UFOs are built of technologies we won’t develop on our own for thousands of years.  They are also piloted by people who are millions of years more evolved than we are, and their advanced understanding of the universe tells them there is no risk of destroying our fledgling civilization by demonstrating their existence to us.  Nor has it been a threat since we were first learning how to talk and paint pictures on cave walls.  So there’s no reason for us to be afraid of not being the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Extraterrestrials have constantly been making demonstrations of their presence throughout our entire evolution.  They have not been shy in any way, and it’s highly unlikely they’ve been trying to make an impression on any species that haven’t achieved a certain level of understanding.  So we’ve reached the point where we can deduce that they’re trying to tell us something.  Probably something simple since we don’t know all that much about life.  Plus there’s the fact that we’ve been so obtuse and obstinate that we’ve made them repeat themselves for thousands of years, including for decades after they played music for us when the first astronauts flew around the far side of the moon.
What might they be signaling with their repeated demonstrations?  In keeping with Occam’s Razor, they’re most likely trying to convey something simple that we can easily understand.  Meaning a good guess might be that they’re trying to tell us to grow the fuck up.
That sentiment couldn’t apply more aptly to the selfish bastards who are running our civilization and running it into the ground.  The universe does not revolve around human events, as we so innocently claimed in our most widely printed holy book, nor does it revolve around anyone who lives here.  That includes the obscenely wealthy, despite their egocentric tendencies.  So, for those who have thus far proven incapable of using their fabulous wealth to serve some public good like Andrew Carnegie did when he built 2500 libraries around the world, you rich people really need to understand that if you continue to hoard your fortunes like the stingiest kid in preschool, trying to keep all of the cool toys for yourself even though you can’t possibly play with them all, you’ll leave the rest of us little choice but to physically remove you from your elevated positions of higher authority.  If that doesn’t frighten you, you really are crazy because we haven’t shown much mercy during past revolutions.  They have usually been bloodbaths because we have this vile tradition of erasing entire families of those who have screwed us over the most.  So, just in case you plan to pit the depraved against the deprived from the relative safety of your spectacular mansions, to put down potential revolutions by purchasing mercenaries to fight your battles for you, to send police against popular demonstrations, to activate the national guard to march against civilians, or to declare martial law to make the poor people in the military act against their own judgement… any preference to protect your fortunes rather than your loved ones will ensure you’re remembered as the last of our self-righteous despots. 
Is that really how you want to make history?  As bloody footnotes?  You are the elite class of people who have established and asserted authoritarian rules for the past few thousand years.  So what do you think will happen when you’re held to the same standards as everyone else on Earth?  It’s a concept we call justice.  You might want to reacquaint yourself so you can accept that you will not be getting away with all the shit you’ve pulled.  What kind of example would that set for future generations?

Crimes Against Humanity and the Planet

Crimes against humanity were applied to the merciless monsters who fully intended to visit genocide upon entire races of people during World War II.  It needed to happen.  Our entire species seemed to have lost its way.  We had to establish legal precedents for these atrocious behaviors to serve as a warning for any other aspiring tyrants who might harbor genocidal intent.  Yet this world is so corrupt that we still have people getting rich off of giving people cancer with their tobacco products.  Which kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, and therefore qualifies as a crime against humanity.
Crimes against the planet are even worse because they negatively impact hundreds or even thousands of species, imposing depleted food sources and mutations and sometimes extinction on plants and animals that were doing just fine until we put them in the line of fire.  It’s the worst behavior we can display, inciting disasters that wound much more than just our civilization.  The exact opposite of what can be logically expected from intelligent people demonstrating proper stewardship of their home.
Obvious qualifiers would be radioactive leakage or fallout from the failure of nuclear power plants, or coating an entire ecosystem with spilled oil, or trying to make a mistake disappear so it’s not as likely to be prosecuted for ignorance or malfeasance.  Sometimes, though, subtle offenses also prove devastating, like dumping diluted industrial wastes into natural water systems, or burning large amounts of coal to produce electricity when we know it poisons the atmosphere with sulfur dioxide and contributes to acid rain, or pressure-washing the planet’s interior caverns to retrieve shale oils that burn about 40% dirtier than regular gasoline.  In addition, using the media to manipulate people’s perceptions about how dangerous their standard operating procedures really are shows an intention to continue abusing the environment, and that’s a crime against the planet as well.
Global warming exists.  It will cause climate change.  There’s no denying these changes will negatively affect future generations.  Ignoring these inconvenient realities, these obstructions we’ve placed in front of our own evolution will only delay us from dealing with them in a timely and mature manner.  So, if your inconsiderate selfishness has directly contributed to making life harder for our immediate descendants, if you really have fucked up on so grand a scale to have threatened anyone or anything with extinction, you will be judged for it.
Got that?
If you have done something that has hurt or is hurting a large number of people, you are going to stand trial for the crime you may have committed against humanity.  If you have done something that has damaged or is damaging a variety of species or the natural environment they inhabit, you are going to stand trial for the crime you may have committed against the planet.  These are simple rules and the fact that we need to press for them is another indication of how immature we are because logic doesn’t need to be explained to people who are truly self-aware.
These trials will be real, as will the prosecution, and you will not be permitted more than a few lawyers to defend yourselves because we know how you like to pervert justice with teams of expensive attorneys.  Besides, each of you already knows whether you’re guilty or not.
Ain’t that right?
This does not include people who were just trying to earn a living.  Over the road drivers who haul hazardous materials, miners who risk their lives to bring coal up from deep beneath the surface, and tobacco farmers don’t deserve to be reprimanded, or even admonished, and they certainly shouldn’t face any punishment, because they’re just poor people who need to earn money.  Our only concern for them should be helping them find more fulfilling and productive occupations.  The same could be said for minor stockholders in belligerent corporations, although they could use healthier hobbies.
It is the people thoroughly sickened with greed who have done the most damage upon and inflicted the most pain in society.  The exploiters who have acted entirely out of self-interest despite the ramifications for the rest of humanity or the planet we share.  Chief Executive Officers.  Boards of Directors.  The entrenched and entitled elite who have these wonderful Golden Parachutes to ensure it’s too expensive for them to be fired from their high and mighty positions.  These are the organizers of malfeasance.  These are the people who monopolize life’s responsibility only to allow their avarice-infected thought process to overrule any consideration for mankind’s well being in favor of the silly, petty, and momentary gains that can be made to their already swollen bank accounts.  These myopic ‘leaders’ are the biggest problem we have right now, far worse than the governments they manipulate.  They know it as well as we do.  And history shows that merely going to trial is a far better fate than the instant executions that have been so prevalent throughout the past.  Which only leaves them with one question to answer, doesn’t it?
We’ll let them figure that one out for themselves since they think they’re so god damn smart.
There’s one thing they need to learn quick, though.  We’re bigger than they are, and not just in size.  We’ve experienced life outside of privileged pomp and circumstance, we have not been nearly as isolated despite their attempts to keep us divided over stupid shit like racism and sexism. We have more practical knowledge of how to get things done, and we have dirt on our hands as opposed to blood.  We have grown more, we have evolved through more diverse situations, and we have matured faster as a result of interacting with most people on a social level instead of being indulged by sycophants while maintaining phony business relationships where the only shared loyalty is shown to money.  In short, every day people are much more enlightened than this corrupt society gives us credit for.
We’re willing to allow thousands and thousands of feckless politicians to simply walk away from all of the pointless turmoil and suffering they’ve caused.  No death penalty.  No penalty at all really.  Just a heartfelt Git the Fuck!
So what do the entrenched elitists have to fear?  We’re rational.
Perhaps the best part of growing older, both as an individual and a species, is that we learn enough to put ourselves in other people’s positions.  We’re all at the same level of evolution, so it really isn’t that hard to empathize, and the plain truth is that each of us would have acted similarly to anyone we consider an adversary if we were in a similar situation to them because we’re all products of our environment.  Mankind is barely out of the woods.  We have yet to experience an Ice Age as a collective consciousness.  So, from a celestial standpoint, we have minimal experience at figuring out how life works in this universe, and we have a very limited fact base on which to base suppositions.  Meaning all we have is trial and error, and learning the most from our mistakes.
Wrecking the ecology is certainly one of the most problematic mistakes we’ve made so far.  And we owe it to ourselves to make this as much of a learning experience as we possibly can.
We set legal precedents with crimes against humanity in Nuremberg after World War II.  But that wasn’t exactly justice since everyone on both sides of the emerging Cold War knew the architects of Jewish genocide were going to be sentenced to death more often than not.  Still, the precedents were set, and modern offenders need to be held to the same standard.  Lofty expectations that also apply to the architects of crimes against the planet, for which we need to set precedents as well before our blatant disregard for the Earth creates more problems than we can solve.
These are the authoritarian rules we have applied since we learned how to talk.  Yet it would be nice to demonstrate that we’re more evolved than a pack of Cro-Magnons howling for vengeance.  So maybe, in the interest of learning more about ourselves, maybe we could forego any vicious retribution this time.  Maybe we can ask the accused to provide honest testimony in exchange for a general amnesty.  Maybe we can conduct a revolution without any loss of life by acting with compassion towards other human beings who allowed their greed to put us all in a bad position.  Maybe we can find out more about what we all have in common by refraining from tearing ourselves apart.
The trials should still be real, as should any penalties imposed, because they will be establishing the letter of the law for future generations.  But all sentences should be suspended for those who help us gain a better understanding of how greed erodes our ethics, and who show us where the damage they inflicted is so we can fix it.  General Amnesty, for those at the bottom as well as the top – we throw away too many lives with our prison systems and, if we’re going to allow people who have committed crimes against the planet to live freely in exchange for their honest testimony, it would be hard to justify keeping non violent or non habitual offenders behind bars.  Only the amnesty offered to the elite should remain conditional, reliant upon their cooperation, and it should be revoked if they try to organize resistance to popular opinion.
We’ve all fucked things up, and we’ll never get over that until we’ve forgiven ourselves.  Reconciliation is the first step towards uniting our species.  And that’s what the monied elite need to take to heart.
We’re bringing you your freedom.  You would be wise to accept.

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