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Navy Sailors Dealing LSD in Nuclear Reactor Department of Aircraft Carrier

Sailors working in the nuclear reactor department of a United States aircraft carrier are facing charges related to LSD abuse.

An investigation into drug abuse aboard the USS Ronald Reagan, the U.S.’ only aircraft carrier stationed abroad, has turned into a bust of a drug ring among sailors in the nuclear reactor department of the ship. Navy officials confirmed 14 sailors currently face disciplinary action for using, possessing and distributing LSD.

Fifteen sailors have been implicated in the LSD investigation and all but one worked in the nuclear reactor department. 7th Fleet spokesman Lt. Joe Keiley confirmed the news to Navy Times, but assured that the nuclear reactors were safe.

“Out of an abundance of caution, Ronald Reagan leadership reviewed the work previously performed by the accused sailors and no improper work was identified,” Keiley said in an email to Navy Times.

“Due to the defense in depth of the design and operation of the propulsion plants, the reactors aboard (the Reagan) remain safe,” he added.

Stationed in Japan, Ronald Reagan is the only United State’s aircraft carrier positioned outside of the U.S. Japanese authorities are also reportedly looking into whether the American sailors obtained the LSD from local citizens.

A Naval Criminal Investigative Service probe brought the charges but more sailors may still be implicated. At least one sailor was also charged with possessing nandrolone decanoate – an anabolic steroid.

Keiley revealed that two sailors are facing a court-martial and three others are awaiting news of whether they will also be court-martialed. Ten other sailors were “administratively disciplined” in connection with the LSD use. The one sailor who worked outside of the nuclear reactor department was equally administratively disciplined.

According to Keiley, over 400 personnel work within the nuclear reactor department, out of which 14 now face drugs charges.

The implicated sailors so far include Machinist’s Mate Nuclear 2nd Class Andrew W. Miller and electrician’s Mate Nuclear 2nd Class Sean M. Gevero. Both face charges for using and dealing LSD.



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