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New Film Shines Light on Child Trafficking – ‘A Child’s Voice’

No Restrictions Entertainment which produces feature films on topics Hollywood is often afraid to address such as homelessness, child abuse and mental health has now addressed child trafficking in their new film “A Child’s Voice.”

No Restrictions takes on the issue of child trafficking through the format of a supernatural thriller. In the film, a homeless teenage boy hears the voice of a child calling for help and sets out to find the child’s killer. His pursuit takes him into the path of a child trafficking ring.

Realistic and Needed Portrayal of Child Trafficking

The film is dark and gritty and commended for its realistic portrayal of human trafficking. The filmmakers interviewed former FBI agents, trafficking survivors and reviewed court testimony in their pursuit of authenticity.

Ark of Hope for Children, an organization dedicated to helping abused and trafficked children rebuild their lives, applauded the movie for addressing a very real problem in today’s society.

“We are thrilled that No Restrictions Entertainment has created the film “A Childs Voice”. People need to be made aware that victimized children are as close as your own city and we need to be jarred awake, if necessary, to become aware. No Restrictions Entertainment does that in a powerful way with their upcoming film A Childs Voice. It pulls the viewer in, just as it did its main actor, from the point of being oblivious and more self-focused, to an awareness that it is up to me to do something sacrificial if necessary to step in because it indeed could save a life.

“While the movie is fictional, the basis of it that the rich, powerful and demented of this world really do victimize, torture and even murder children this way in our “civilized” society truly does exist,” a statement from Ark of Hope read.

This is the sixth film by No Restrictions Entertainment in nine years. Earlier films include “One Hour Fantasy Girl”, “A Young Man’s Future”, “I’ll Love You Forever… Tonight” and “Mother’s Red Dress” which took on the issue of domestic violence. The film company’s goal is to humanize issues not addressed in Hollywood and hopefully inspire change.

A Child’s Voice is intended to be a film about “the unifying power of human beings’ love in the face of unconscionable horror and death,” as No Restriction Entertainment’s producer John Paul Rice said in a press release.

Motivation for the film came from the producer’s desire to “inspire people to take action in their homes, communities, and churches as well as work with local law enforcement and business leaders to put a permanent end to these criminal networks.”

The $150 Billion Industry of Child Trafficking

According to the International Labor Organization, there are an estimated 5.5 million victims of child trafficking worldwide and child trafficking is an estimated $150 billion annual industry.

Despite the difficult subject nature, audience reviews for the film have been enthusiastic and highly appreciative of a film shining a light on a problem that often remains in the shadows.

“I am thrilled to highly recommend this film. As a social worker, I greatly appreciate the tough subjects that No Restrictions Entertainment addresses and the loving, social justice-oriented perspective that John Paul Rice brings to these films,” said one reviewer.

“This is a powerful film. It shines a light on a subject that so many are uncomfortable with and presents it with a kind of compassion and subtlety you won’t likely find with a documentary or a drama. I believe the genre the filmmakers chose (Supernatural Thriller) will make it possible to reach an entirely different audience. I honestly loved everything about this film,” added another review.

To help shed a light on child trafficking watch and share the video on Vimeo now.



Lauren von Bernuth

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