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OBAMA! Save Us From Trump and the GOP Tax Plan!

Obama, Tax Plan

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EP 76. A Republican and a Democratic ex president take the stage to condemn an orangutan (stop me if you’ve heard this one). When George W. Bush seems like a pillar of tolerance, nobility and intellect you know we are in trouble. Virginia has a gubernatorial election coming up on November 7th, and the Democrats have brought out President Barack Obama to fight for what’s left of our democracy. There is palace intrigue in the Supreme Court between Justice Kagan and Christian warrior, professional mansplainer, and white pride apologist, Neil stolen seat Gorsuch. We touch base with the recovery efforts after our recent hurricanes (that totally were not made worse by climate change because science is for losers) and discuss the disaster capitalism already at play in the recovery. FEMA is giving money to charlatans and thieves and no, we don’t mean the Trump family (yet). According to Professor Trump, he gets an A for his recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, making one million people on the island liars. It’s a relief to know they are not actually drinking water from toxic waste sites because that would just be depressing. The Senate passed a budget. We discuss what this means for the GOP’s precious tax reform and so much more on this episode of KVoice of Resistance. #resist
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