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This is how President Donald Trump played 4D chess and was able to eliminate Obamacare despite Congress’s attempt to stop him.

After the late Sen. John McCain made his historic vote to save Obamacare, many thought the window to rid America of the monstrous law was closed.

But President Trump had another trick in his magic hat. He decided that he would eliminate the individual mandate. In doing so, the law could no longer be considered a tax.

If it could no longer be considered a tax, the only thing left to do was find a way to get it back to the Supreme Court where the conservative justices would get another crack at it.

Originally, the healthcare mandate was saved by Republican Chief Justice John Roberts who ruled that, due to the mandate, the law could be considered a tax and it was within Congress’s power to levy taxes.

That loophole saved Obamacare.

But on Friday, a federal judge in Texas ruled that now that the mandate was gone, the tax was gone, too, and that made the law unconstitutional again.

This means that it is back in the courts and will, likely, make its way back to the Supreme Court.

There is no individual mandate to lean on this time, and it likely means that Obamacare will be gone for good after all of the appeals are finished.

“Today’s ruling enjoining Obamacare halts an unconstitutional exertion of federal power over the American health care system,” said Attorney General Ken Paxton in a statement.

“Our lawsuit seeks to effectively repeal Obamacare, which will give President Trump and Congress the opportunity to replace the failed social experiment with a plan that ensures Texans and all Americans will again have greater choice about what health coverage they need and who will be their doctor,” he continued.

For now, nothing changes as the appeals begin, but the future of Obamacare looks bleak.


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